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What are treasury bonds
Posted by 7 months ago

You have palyed the faucet and you just won 0.01 treasury bonds, but you have no ideea what they are ? You are not alone. It happend to me also.

The problem is there is no info on this aspect of the game. There is no Bonds section, no market, nothing. So i got in touch with the team for more info. I will write this article teach what i have found.

First of all treasury bonds are an asset that represent a piece of a state budget. 20% of a state budget income will go to maintain the bonds value in a mechanism similar to CoinRepublik Token. Bonds are linked to a state budget so they are over 150 types of bonds. We have US bonds, UK bonds, Spain bonds and so on.

The most important factor about bonds is that they are generated through the official faucet. Even if you buy them from other players, they where initially generated at a faucet. Bonds are generated at a maximum rate of 0.1 / hour or 2.4 / day. The maximum number of bonds for each state is 10.000, so if the total number of bonds reach 10.000 no other assets will be generated. That means it will take over 10 years to reach that amount but only if nobody sells them back to the contract. In this case the sold bonds are burned and the total qty decreases.

But why would you buy and hold bonds ? Well, the same mechanisms apply to bonds as in CoinRepublik Token case. Once the first 100 bonds are generated for a country, an Ethereum smart contract will be activated. The team will deposit 20% of all state budget income until that point (minimum $100) and the bond will have it own life and value.

You will be able to withdraw bonds to your wallet and sell them back to the contract. The bonds section will be activated in Politics page until the end of 2019. The section will include everything you have to know, including a link to the smart contract in case the bond becomes active. It will also include a market where you can buy bonds from other players.

A country bond value depends of course on the state budget income. If the state budget income is $500 / month, then $100 will be paid to the contract each month. It's not much but because just 75 bonds are generated each month, it still means over $1 / bond at buy back price.

So on short bonds are another type of investment. Once a bonds is activated it means the country has enough players / activity to worth something. It takes a lot of faucet rolls to generate 1 bond (around 5000) and only a strong / active community can reach the 100 bonds threshold. Until then if you think the country will have a future, the best way is to buy them at small prices and wait for activation.

Once the bond is activated it will be backed up by future state budget income plus $100 from the very first day. My advice is to buy at maximum $0.5 and wait for bond activation for a quick profit.

Good luck and don't forget to upvote this article.



jemaism   ~1 month ago

Thank you. this is really helpful


olusiklol   ~1 month ago

спасибо за статью,жаль что я мало понимаю в облигациях


henrylara   ~1 month ago

I am interested in this article it looks very good


SIBY123   ~28 days ago

best time to invest ?


Mihail33   ~27 days ago

Дуже цікава і змістовна стаття


Hasnfarik   ~27 days ago



Maria6S   ~27 days ago

Interesting reading more articles ,same as this.Worthy


Hick1212   ~27 days ago

This is a very helpful for me. I like it.


Ormelio   ~25 days ago

Este es la mejor pagina mucha utilidad muchas gracias


asamee   ~19 days ago

Interesting thank you


SPBhatta   ~18 days ago

Very helpful article


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     Anafunes   16 hours
Solved, thank you!
     tekhnomaster   19 hours
@Anafunes Are you putting the right amount?
     Anafunes   20 hours
it does not allow me to buy btc what happens?
     tekhnomaster   9 days
The jackpot is counting , but when you win, you don't receive the amount acumulated ;/ , fix it please!
     arunkarthik263   9 days
i need energy
     tekhnomaster   12 days
I earned those thicked at the faucet, but didn't saw it anywhere. I believed it was not implemented yet
     Ahmadzia14   12 days
@Freedom I have a lot of tickets
     Freedom   12 days
HI! thank you by the info tekhnomaster . i think you need travel tickets ahmadzia14.
     Ahmadzia14   12 days
I want to travel another countery. But I can't found any option in Security Center . It's tottaly empty. What can I do now?
     tekhnomaster   13 days
@freedom I don't think it's possible yet!

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