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Guide: The Market
Posted by 12 months ago

The market is an essential place for products to be traded. Without a market, companies will not be able to sell their produce, and consumers will not be able to buy products. Entering the market will drop you directly in the Cigar section of the market. There are eight other product sections which are; Drinks, Food, Wine, Clothes, Jewelry, Cars, Houses and Coupons. Each product section provide a variety of product types, for instance the cigar section provides five different types of cigars that can all be bought through the market. Each of these cigars provides different amounts of energy as well as increase or decrease in price according to the amount of energy given. Only the consumable products provide more than one type while the other products provide low quality, medium quality and high quality. Because you’re directly placed in the cigars section we will continue to use it as our guide. Now that you’ve seen the different types of cigars you will notice the market price for that cigar, with volumes bought in the last 24h cycle, the minimum price in the last 24h cycle as well as the maximum price in the last 24h cycle. Each unit bought will increase the market price for that type of cigar with the volumes bought, min price if the latest price was more than the previous price and max price will increase if the previous price was lower than current sale in the last 24h cycle. Finally you’re ready to buy your first cigar, but oooo no, no one are selling any of these types of cigars. Don’t panic, just find the buy button press it, enter the amount of cigars you would like to buy,(don’t forget about the market price that increase per unit bought) and send. Products bought are bought with your local currency, so make sure your local balance is not empty. You will now notice that your purchase is displayed at the bottom with a small graph showing the purchase or any previous purchase in the 24h cycle. There are more products than just cigars, explore the rest of the products section to see or buy each product.
There we have it, a small simple guide for the market. I hope you found it helpful. Don’t forget to upvote please, and thank you.


Amsezia   ~9 months ago

This is very informative


heber   ~9 months ago

otimo artigo ,adorei essa forma de servico.


bouby   ~9 months ago

Thanks for this content, very helpful to buy a product in the Market.


SPBhatta   ~8 months ago

very exciting


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