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CoinRepubk Token Bible
Posted by 1 year ago

CoinRepublik Token or CRT is the most interesting aspect of the game for real investors because the token is a special kind of asset. First very few tokens are generated daily, it has a limited supply on the long term the quantity is backed up by hard, cold cash (Ethereum).

First of all i will make an intro to Ethereum tokens. Ethereum tokens are assets that can represent anything from a share in a company to a plane ticket. There are thousands of tokens in existence. They are easily transferable between addresses and almost all exchanges have tokens pairs in their portofolio.

CoinRepublik Token is what blockchain investors call a colateralized token. That means the smart contract has its own funds used to buy back every single token in existence. For investors is crucial because they can sell their holdings anytime they want even if the game doesn't exist anymore or the market has few buyers. The contract and the collateral will be there forever. Less than 0.1% of the tokens have a collateral used to buy back investor's holdings.

But what is CoinRepublik Token ? The answer is simple. It represents a piece of CoinRepublik. All profits from the game are sent every 10 days to contract address and once they are sent, they become the contract 's funds. They can't be withdrawn back by the team, they can't be frozen or stollen. The contract will use the funds to buy back CRT from any investor willing to sell ?

Selling tokens back to the contract is really easy. You just have to sent the tokens to contract's address and the contract will send you back ethereum. A very important aspect is that when you send tokens to the contract, those tokens are burned (destroyed) and the total supply decreases. In this way the token price stays the same even if 90% of holders sell their tokens in a single day.

You can find all the token's details in The token section from the first page. But the best way is to go to, search for CoinRepublik and go to token's page. The first page is about the token holders and so on. If you click on the contract address (right up), you will find other info like the total contract funds, source code, last internal transactions and so on.

Right now the contract holds $130 and 176 tokens are in circulation. That means the contract will buy back tokens at a price of $0.74 / token. On 10, 20 and 30 new money are paid to the contract. As long as the team deposits at least $750 / month the guaranteed price will maintain at at least $1 / token, because just 750 new tokens are generated per month.

How the tokens are generated and who holds them ? Well, they are generated by calling a contract function called mint(). This function will increase the total supply with 1 CRT / hour. The new tokens are sent to developer's address. So, just 750 new tokens are generated each month and around 9000 / year. The contract will refuse to generate new tokens if the total supply gets bigger than 50.000. In case nobody sells tokens back to the contract, in 5 years no more tokens will be created. But this is almost impossible and the team will be left without money, so i don't think the supply will get past 40.000, ever.

How can you buy CoinRepublik Tokens ? The only way is to buy them from other players / the team / external exchanges. You can buy them from other players on the integrated market (you can find it on Token page, but nobody sells), from the team (contact them) or from external exchanges (in the future). Buying CRT at a decent price is more difficult than selling, because it's scarce supply and the collateral.

How do you store the tokens ? They are two ways of storing the tokens. You can keep them in the game, with some risks (the game disappears, the team runs with the money, etc...) or you can withdraw them to your personal wallet, outside the reach o hackers / developers. When it comes to money, you should trust nobody. In order to get your tokens in your wallet you have to make a withdraw request from Balances page. Make sure you withdraw the tokens to an ERC20 compatible wallet lie Atomic Wallet or Ledger Live. If you use another web wallet make sure they can manage ETH tokens or you could lose your funds. In order to sell the tokens back to the contract you have to withdraw them to your wallet first. This is important. Once you have the tokens in your wallet, they are 100% safe.

What about the future price of CoinRepublik Token ? Well, the nominal price (the price at wich the contract buys back) depends 100% on two factors. The amount of money the contract receives per month and the number of tokens generated. Because the maximum number of new tokens is 25 / day, and the team will 100% generate them all, the price will depend on the payments to the contract. If the team pays $25 / day (really not that much), the token will maintain a nominal value of $1 / token. At $100 / day it will jump to $4 / token. At $1000 / day, it will go to $40 / token. The price is not affected by the sellers. No matter how many people sell, the token price will stay the same.

Of course the market psychology is not linear. Nobody will sell tokens at the nominal price unless they don't know what they are doing. Holders will try to get a higher price from the market. In case the token is listed on a single medium size exchange, the impact on the price is huge. It could trade at x5 it's nominal value just because the investors believe in the game growth. A higher number of holders also mean a higher price. So it's difficult to predict how much a CRT will worth a year from now. It could be $0.1 or $80.

So...this is all info a got on CoinRepublik Token. If you have other info, leave a comment.


alaw85   ~12 months ago

Thanks,very cool


jemaism   ~12 months ago

another way of keeping our money flows and earn more.


henrylara   ~11 months ago

very good tips to learn to dominate the world of cryptocurrency


unikorn   ~11 months ago

Nice to know about how and wahat is CRT


Ilianoor   ~1 month ago

It s nice inform to me


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