deposited in a fund (game fund). On the first day every month, the fund distributes dividends to shareholders. A CoinRepublik Token (CRT) is an Ethereum issued token that represent a share in the game fund. Every CRT owner is eligible to receive dividends if he / she holds at least 1 CRT. There will never be more than 50.000 CRT in circulation and no more than 24 new tokens are minted every day. Below are presented game fund stats, tokens market, dividends and other useful info."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_token']="Coin Republik Token (CRT) is an excellent way to invest in CoinRepublik. CRT is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum network. In addition to the basic functionality of transfering tokens, the contract is also programmed to buy back any amount of CRT from users at a price that tends to increase over time. Every day 5% of the game fund's balance is transfered to the token contract. CoinRepublik Token has a limited quantity of 50.000 tokens that will be generated in the next many, many years. The generation rate is now 1 CRT / hour. For more info read the FAQ section below."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_fin_mkts']="On the financial market you can buy / sell USD for national currencies. Most countries have their own national currency and for each currency there is a financial market. The financial market is an automatic market. This means that the price increases / decreases automatically after each purchase / sale of USD. The transactions on this market involve a 1% tax. When you buy USD, you will pay the tax to the game fund. When you sell USD, you will pay it to the state budget. Below are the latest transactions."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_mes']="Below are the messages received. You can send messages to any player. The cost of a message is 0.1 energy. There is a maximum limit of 25 messages / day that you can send. If you receive a spam or offensive message, you can flag it for review. You may not use the messaging system to promote external products or services. Otherwise, the team may suspend your right to send further messages."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_ranks']="Below is the ranking of citizens according to various criteria such as balance, energy, etc. The ranking refers to the citizens of the country where you are present. Ranking is updated in real time."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_ref']="Below are data about your affiliates. The CoinRepublik affiliate program is an excellent source of long-term income because the affiliates pay you taxes when they have an income. An affiliate is a player who registered with CoinRepublik using your affiliate link (the personal link is presented below). To bring in new affiliates, all you have to do is distribute the link in as many places as possible (where you are authorized, we do not encourage spam). To make your job easier, we have also designed a list of banners that you can use for free to promote CoinRepublik."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_trans']="Below are the latest transactions. Many actions such as work or a tax from an affiliate, generate a new transaction. There are two types of transactions : financial transactions (with cryptocoins, USD or national coins) and non-financial transactions with products, shares and even energy."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_evts']="Below are displayed the most recent events related to your account. Events are generated in certain situations that require your attention, such as a new affiliate or problems that arise in the companies where you are an administrator. Also the team could issue gloal events visible by all players."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_set']="Below is your personal profile that includes a list of 10 questions to which you must answer and the pics list. From here you can also change your account password and other security settings. Completing your personal profile can bring you extra income because only citizens who have an aproved complete profile have access to government bonuses. All answers and pictures are reviewed by the team and approved or rejected. Keep in mind that only personal photos where you have a visible face are accepted."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_inv_coins']="Below is a list of the coins you own. In CoinRepublik there are 3 types of coins in circulation. USD, cryptocurrencies and local currencies. USD can be withdrawn in real money and it can laso be used to buy local currencies or cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn into real cryptocurrencies and can be used to buy USD. Local currencies cannot be directly withdrawn from the game, but you can use them to buy USD. Absolutely all local trade transactions are made in local currencies. All countries have a local currency and some countries use the same crurrenciy like countries members of EU"; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_inv_prod']="Below are the products you own. Long-term products such as clothes or cars can also be rented. The rental price is also set on this page. In order to receive energy from a product, it is not enough to buy it and enter the inventory. You must consume / use it. From this page you can consume / use the products you own. Long-lasting products such as clothes expire after a while and are deleted from inventory."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_inv_shares']="Below is a list of companies shares / government bonds you hold. Shares in companies are a very good source of income on the long run. Every company has 1000 shares when it is set up. When the administrator withdraws money from the company, the profit is automatically divided to the shareholders, according to the number of shares held. The same principle applies to government bonds. 25% of the budget proceeds go to a fund used to buy back bonds from the owners."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_work']="Workplaces are a daily source of income in CoinRepublik. Companies always need workers to make products. You can work between 5 minutes and 8 hours in one shift. Also, working increases your political influence. Below are the available jobs sorted by the hourly wage. You can only work for the company that offers the highest salary. You will lose 1 energy point for every 5 minutes worked. You can work a maximum of 8 hours a day."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_faucet']="Faucets are the most popular ways to earn money or products in CoinRepublil. A faucet is a reward system, in the form of a slot machine, that dispenses rewards like local currency coins or other products to all players that have at least 0.25 energy. You can use a faucet for a limited number of times / day because they require energy. All rewards are paid by the government. Below are listed the active faucets in your country."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_bounty']="Campaniile de publicitate sociala sunt o alta forma excelenta de a castiga bani. Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa dai like, follow anumitor pagini utilizand conturile tale sociale. Exista campanii unde nici macar nu ai nevoie de un cont social si poti face bani din simple postari pe forumuri. Campaniile sunt initiate de companii care vor sa se promoveze. Oricine poate lansa o astfel de campanie. Poti fi platit mai mult sau mai putin in functie de cat de popular este contul tau social (numar de prieteni / followeri / etc). Mai jos sunt prezentate campaniile active."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_bounty']="Social media advertising campaigns are another great way to make money. All you have to do is like, follow certain pages using your social accounts. There are campaigns where you don't even need a social account and you can make money from simple forum posts. The campaigns are usually initiated by companies that want to promote themselves but anyone can launch such a campaign. You can be paid more or less depending on how popular your social account is (number of friends / followers / etc). Below are the active campaigns."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_loans']="Users can offer or get loans using cryptocurrencies / tokens as collateral. Getiing a loan is fast and you can get USD without selling your precious tokens. The colaterall will be held in escrow until you pay back the loan plus the interest. Offering loans is a 100% secure and fast way to make money in CoinRepublik. You can set your own terms like interest, period, maximum amount or colaterall type. Those who contract loans will pay you the interest every month / week or even every single day. It's your choice."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_ptc']="Pay to click (PTC) campaigns is a really fast way to make your website popular. Users are paid small amounts of money to visit and spend 10 seconds on your website. Anybody can launch a campaign. We provide you with all the tools you need to create and manage a full PTC campaign. All you need is to set a budget and the website details. You will have access to real time visitors count and other details. Below are listed the active offers."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_tigari']="Cigarettes are consumable products. It offers you between 1 and 5 energy points and once purchased it never expires in inventory. Like other products you can donate them to other players. You can consume only one type of cigarette every 24 hours, which means you can 'smoke' up to 5 cigarettes a day. Below is the cigarette market. Use the Buy button to purchase cigarettes. As with other products, citizens can only buy cigarettes. Once bought you cannot sell them. It is not enough to buy cigarettes to increase your energy. After purchasing the cigarettes go to inventory and consume them to increase your energy."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_drinks']="Drinks are part consumable products. It offers you between 2 and 7 energy points and once purchased it never expires in inventory. Like other products you can donate drinks to other players. You can consume only one type of drink every 24 hours, which means you can 'drink' up to 5 drinks a day. Below is the beverage market. Use the Buy button to purchase. As with other products, citizens can only buy drinks. Once bought they cannot sell them. It's not enough to buy drinks to increase your energy. After the purchase go to inventory and consume them to increase your energy."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_food']="Food is a consumable product. It offers you between 3 and 9 energy points and once purchased expires in 10 days. Like other products, food can be donated. You can only eat one type of food every 24 hours, which means you can 'eat' up to 5 dishes a day. Below is the food market. Use the Buy button to buy. As with other products, citizens can only buy food. Once bought you cannot sell it back. It is not enough to buy food to increase your energy. After you purchase food you will have to consume it to increase your energy."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_wine']="Wine is a special product because the energy it offers increases every minute. A bottle of wine initially gives you 1 point of energy, after which the offered energy increases by 0.0002 points / minute (0.28 points / day or 8.9 points per month). A 12-month-old bottle of wine gives you 100 points of energy. Unlike other products, you cannot have an infinite quantity of wine but a maximum of 30 bottles at the same time. Below is the wine market. Use the Buy button to buy. As with other products, citizens can only buy wine, they can't sell it back. It is not enough to buy wine to increase your energy. After you purchase the wine you will have to consume it to increase your energy. You can consume only one bottle of wine per day." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_haine']="Clothes are long term use products. Like other products, it offers you 0.01 energy points / minute. The difference between the types of clothes consists in the lifespan. The socks expire after only 5 days while a coat after 30 days. In order to receive energy from clothes, you will have to wear them. Go to the inventory to start wearing a coat. Like other durable products, clothes can be rented to other players for a certain amount. Below is the clothing market. You can wear only one type of clothing at a time. For example, you can't wear 2 pairs of socks at the same time." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_bijuterii']="Jewelry are also long-term use products. Like other products it gives you 0.01 energy points / minute. The difference between the types of jewelry consists in the lifetime. The rings expire after only 10 days while a necklace expires after 50 days. In order to receive energy from jewelry, you will need to wear them. Go to the inventory to start wearing a jewelry. Like other durable products, jewelry can be rented to other players for a certain amount. Below is the jewelry market. You can wear only one type of jewelry at a time. For example, you cannot wear 2 rings at the same time." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_masini']="Houses are also designed for long use. Like other products a car gives you 0.01 energy points / minute. The difference between the types of cars is the lifetime. Lower quality cars expire after 30 days while a limousine expires after 90 days. To get energy from cars, you will need to use them. Go to the inventory to start using a car. Like other products, cars can be rented to other players for local currency. Below is the car market. You can use only one car at a time." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_case']="Houses are also long use products. Like other products it gives you 0.01 energy points / minute. The difference between the types of houses consists in the lifetime. Low quality houses expire after just 90 days while a villa after 270 days. In order to receive energy from houses, you will have to live in one of them. Go to the inventory to move in a house. Like other long-term products, houses can be rented to other players for local currency. Below is the house market. You can live in one house at a time. As long as you are out of the country, you will not be able to get the energy from the house where you lived before living." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_assets']="The assets category includes companies shares, treasury bonds, CoinRepublik Coin (CRT) and travel tickets. Unlike product markets, transactions in asset markets are made in USD. Also the asset markets are global, meaning that all players have access to the same market regardless of citizenship. Another difference is that the asset markets are not automatic. For each transaction a buyer and a seller are needed. Not only citizens have access to those markets. Governments can also trade on assets markets. Below are the asset markets." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_margin']="A margin market is a market where you can trade using leverage. That means you can buy or sell an asset using only a fraction of its real price as colateral. For example you can buy / sell one ethereum that costs $200 using only $2 as colateral. Leverage can work for or against you. Depending on leverage even small market movements can double your colateral or whipe it. Margin markets are operated by other players. When you loose money the market operator wins and vice versa. You are betting against market operators. Below are listed the active markets." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_options']="An option is a contract giving the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) the underlying asset at a specific price before a certain date. People use options for income, to speculate, and especially to hedge risk. Unlike real world options where those who issue options are generally professionals, in CoinRepublik anyone can issue options and anyone can buy them. Once launched, the options are managed entirely by the system and the risk of fraud is very low. Options can be issued or purchased free of charge, but if you win an option you will pay 5% of the profit to the game fund. The active options are presented below." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_fin_bets']="CoinRepublik allows any player to launch or participate in bets on the price of external assets such as cryptocurrencies, FOREX market, precious metals, etc. Once launched, a bet is automatically managed by the system and the risk of fraud is zero. All data streams are provided by the system. You can bet on the future price in many ways. There are 6 types of bets. Below are the active bets." ; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_bets']="Betting is a perfect way to make money in CoinRepublik. Unlike real life where you gamble against traditional professional bookmakers where you have no chances of constantly winning, in CoinRepublik you bet against other players or you can even be the bookmaker. The game allows anyone to bet against any real world event like sport, politics, ecomonic or social event, in a word you can bet on anything. Launching a bet is easy and you will only pay a fee when you win (5% of what you win). The user that decides how a bet ends is called an oracle. The oracle can be the bet owner (not recommended), another trusted user or the team. We constantly monitor oracles activity to make sure you are not cheated. Below is a list with active bets."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_option']="Below are the details of the option. Read them carefully because once you have bought an option, you can no longer recover the premium paid. You can exercise your right to liquidate an option only if you make a profit out of it. If you don't exercise your option until the expiration date, the option is automatically closed. People use options for income, to speculate, and to hedge risk."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com']="Companies are very important in the CoinRepublik economy. Through companies, absolutely all the products in the game are created, from raw materials to houses or cars. Companies are run by players like you. There are over 20 types of companies that produce over 200 types of products. Companies can bring you a serious profit, and opening a company takes two minutes. Below are the companies present in the country where you are according to various criteria."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_open']=" There are over 30 companies in CoinRepublik from utilities companies to complex autonomous corporations run entirely by code. Owning a company can be a very profitable on medium / long run. Starting a company costs 10 USD / month but keep in mind that a company also needs workplaces, raw materials and it has to pay salaries, so the initial investment in a company is not limited to the opening fee. Below are listed the types of companies in the game and a short description"; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_mine']="Below you can see the list of your companies and the actual status. Keep in mind that a company become inactive if the company stops the production. The production will stop if the company is runs out of raw materials or funds to pay the workers. Also the company will stop if the production tools or uilding are expired. Companies's buildings degrade 1% / day."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_prod']="Below is the status of the production and equipment. If a company does not own production equipment, it cannot operate. Production equipment expires after a certain quantity of finite products where produced. When the wear reaches 100%, the machine will be erased from the inventory. You can buy raw materials from the market. If you run out of raw materials, the company will be temporarily shut down. Also on this page you can see the stocks of finished products that you can sell at any time. Be very careful about the costs of producing a finished material. Avoid selling if the market price is lower than the production price. Also take into account the fact that companies pay a tax on each sale."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_work']="Listed below are company workplace and building status. The factory buildings expire after 100 days and must be replaced, regardless of the company's activity. Companies need at least one active workplace to start production. You can change the salary offered and the associated product for each workplace. You cannot change the status of a workplace while it is busy. To deactivate a workplace change its status to deactivated. Also from this page you can renew a workplace. Workplaces can be rented between one and two years. To create new workplace click the New Place button."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_licences']="The company licenses are listed below. To produce a certain type of product, a company needs a separate license. Licenses are not transferable and are rented from the game fund. When a license expires, the company can no longer produce the associated product but can sell the remaining stocks. Go to the Available tab to see the production licenses that can be rented. Also from this page you can renew a production license."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_shares']="Each new company has 1000 shares. 900 of the shares belong to the administrator. The rest are owned by the game fund, which puts them up for sale at different prices. Below is presented the stock market for this company. Each company has a separate stock market. The transactions with shares are made in USD and the seller will pay a tax of 1% per transaction. Holding shares in a company can be very profitable because any amount of money withdrawn by the management is distributed to shareholders depending on the number of shares held. Unlike product markets, stock markets are not automatic, and need a buyer and a seller for each transaction."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_acc']="Below are listed the latest financial / product transactions of the company, in chronological order. Also from this page you can deposit or withdraw money from the company. All deposits / withdrawals are made in the currency of the country where the company is registered. When you withdraw money from the company, the amount will be divided among all shareholders depending on the number of shares held. Income from dividends is taxable. Shareholders will pay a fee to both the state budget and the referrer."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_admin']="From this page you can change the company picture as well as the description. The company symbol cannot be changed. Avoid posting messages in the name or description of companies such as 'for sale' or 'sell iron'. The company description is optional and should contain a summary of the products for sale."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_market']="Below are the product markets where the company has access. Companies are allowed to buy certain products and sell other products. Only companies have access to these markets, except for energy boosters market, where citizens also have access. The rules are simple. Any company can buy raw materials but cannot sell them and any company can sell the final products but cannot buy them. There is no limit to how many products you can have in stock except for the production tool and the factory building. The company can have only one production tool and one building at any time. Product markets are automatic, and the price is changed by the system after each transaction."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_events']="Below is the list of company events. Events are generally generated by the system when a problem arises in the production process, such as lack of raw materials, production equipment or money for salaries."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_div']="Below is the list of dividends paid by the company in the past, along with the list of shareholders. The shareholder with the most shares in a company is automatically the administrator of the company. Dividends are paid when the administrator decides to withdraw money from the company. Shareholders will receive a proportionate amount with the number of shares held."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_bet']="Below are the bet data. Bets can be placed on any real world event. The player initiating the bet must also bring the necessary funds to pay the winners. Even if a bet has winners, the person who placed the bet can make a profit. Bets come with multiple winning options and each win has an associated win. Earnings are expressed as a number such as x.y. To know the amount you will receive back, multiply the amount bet with the winnings. For example, if you invested $ 5 in a 2.3 earnings option, you will receive $ 11.5 back. Bets have at least 2 options but only one winning option. Players are paid out of the bet's fund. The bet's fund includes both the money of the one who initiated the bet and the money of those who lost."; $_REQUEST['EN']['oracle_team']="This bet is managed by the CoinRepublik team. This means that the team will decide the winning option of the bet. The decision will be made based on the data provided by this link . In this case the risk of fraud is zero. The team assumes 100% responsibility for the decision and will refund participants in case of an error."; $_REQUEST['EN']['oracle_user']="This bet is handled by *user . This means that the winning version will be decided by *user. The decision should be made based on the data provided by this link, but it is up to the user to decide. In this case, there is an average risk of fraud . Check *user's history before investing."; $_REQUEST['EN']['oracle_myself']="This bet is handled by *user. This means that the winning version will be decided by *user. This user is also the bet owner . The decision should be made based on the data provided by this link, but it is up to the user to decide. Because *user could directly lose money, the risk of fraud is high ."; $_REQUEST['EN']['fin_bet']="Below you will find the details of the bet. You can invest at least $ 0.01 or 1 local currency, depending on the type of bet. The rules of financial betting are simple. If the condition imposed by the creator is met in the required time, then you will earn a certain percentage of the investment. Otherwise, you lose money. Read the betting conditions carefully, because you can't withdraw your money after investing. The bet is 100% managed by the system that will decide the winning option and pay the investors. The initiator of a bet has no control over how the bet ends."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_bonuses']="Below are the bonuses granted by the government. Governments grant 5 types of bonuses to citizens depending on certain indicators such as energy or political influence. Bonuses can be picked up once every 24 hours and are paid in local currency. Only citizens who have a verified profile benefit from bonuses. Bonuses are taxed 10% and the fee is received by your referer. Bonuses are not awarded automatically. You have to log in to your account and pick it up. The bonus amount can be changed by the government at any time. Also, bonuses are paid as long as the budget has funds. In the exceptional case when the budget balance becomes negative, all bonuses are reset to zero."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_stats']="Below are the country's economic and social stats such as the number of citizens, the total number of companies and other essential data. Statistics are updated every hour. Inactive accounts are not considered. An account becomes inactive if the user does not log in for 30 days"; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_laws']="Below is a list of government proposals by status. Any congress member can propose new laws. Laws are subject to a vote for 24 hours. During this time, the congress members can vote. A law is considered approved if the number of votes for is greater than the number of votes against. The voting process can be shortened if at least 6 rulers approve a law (the law is considered an emergency ordinance). Citizens can comment on current proposals but do not have the right to vote. Laws can change bonuses, taxes, initiate wars, etc."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_buget']="Below is the state of the state budget. You can see the list of receipts, expenses but also the amount of taxes or bonuses. As in the real world, the budget has revenues or expenses. The state budget collects money from taxes and spends money on bonuses. There is no concept of budget deficit (lower revenues than long-term expenditures). If the budget balance falls below 0, all bonuses are reset to zero and taxes raised to the maximum value accepted by the system. The state budget can only collect money in local currency. Any USD fee automatically goes to the bottom of the game."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_parties']="Below is the list of political parties. Each country has political parties and their names are the real life names. Only the main formations in each country were included. Any citizen can join a political party. The role of political parties is to organize citizens with the same political vision and to provide congressmens. Party members can politically endorse other party colleagues. The first 10 citizens of each country, depending on their political support, enter the congress. You cannot be a member of two or more political parties at the same time. If you want to join another political party, you will have to give up the current party but there are consequences. When you leave a political party, political influence along with political support are reset to zero."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_my_party']="If you are a member of a political party, below you will find the details of the party such as the list of members, proposals, accounting or articles written by other members. Political parties can receive donations from citizens and regularly receive money from the state budget. Parties can use the money to buy advertising, to reward important members, etc. Any decision is taken by the vote of the members. Members' votes are not equal but depend on political influence."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_congres']="Below is presented the structure of the congress but also the list of citizens you endorsed politically or who endorsed you politically. The congress is activated under certain conditions presented below. The congress consists of the top 10 citizens depending on political support. Also from this page you can politically endorse a party colleague. The political endorsement of a citizen is calculated by summing up the political influence of the supporters. Political endorsement is recalculated every hour and the structure of the congress can change quite often because of this. To politically endorse a party colleague, press the politically support button."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_cou']="Below is the list of countries, sorted by various criteria such as the number of citizens, companies, etc. There are two categories of countries. Free territories and private countries. Free countries are led by congress and have political parties. The rest of the countries are run by the owner who can change any law. Press the details button to go to statistics."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_pol_army']="Below is the situation of the military equipment owned by the country. Congress can buy weapons and also position them strategically anywhere in the world. Weapons have various characteristics such as range, power or where they can be used. Congress can open new wars or intervene in any other war to fight for one side. Military equipment is maneuvered by soldiers and any military intervention involves troops who will use weapons in one way or another. A destroyer needs at least 25 soldiers to function, a tank needs a soldier and so on. For more details on weapons, visit the game manual."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_coins']="Below you will find all the details about the coin. For more details you can visit the official website or the communication channels shown below. Details on the use of the currency in CoinRepublik are also displayed, such as the list of speculative markets, options or financial bets. If you are a token owner and would like to add it on CoinRepublik, please contact technical support."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_assets_list']="CoinRepublik offers you the possibility to trade a wide range of assets. Below you will find the list of assets that can be traded such as cryptocurrencies, forex, etc. For each type of asset there are margin markets or you can launch / buy options or financial bets. You can also use assets as collateral to obtain loans."; $_REQUEST['EN']['page_com_branches']="Companies can have branches in multiple countries. Branches allow a company to sell its products in other countries. Taxes on the sale of products are those in the country where the sale is made. The company will also collect the local currency of the country where it sells its products but foreign currencies can be exchanged in the national currency from accounting area. A branch only allows one company to sell its final products. The company will not be able to produce or buy raw materials in those markets. Below is the list of branches. Opening a branch costs $ 1 / month."; // Misc $_REQUEST['EN']['misc_token_collateral']="Token Collateral"; $_REQUEST['EN']['token']="Token Collateral"; $_REQUEST['EN']['buy_back_price']="Buy back price"; $_REQUEST['EN']['new_tokens']="New tokens"; $_REQUEST['EN']['you_own']="You own"; $_REQUEST['EN']['day']="day"; $_REQUEST['EN']['month']="month"; $_REQUEST['EN']['year']="year"; $_REQUEST['EN']['income_24h']="Income 24H"; $_REQUEST['EN']['spend_24h']="Spend 24H"; $_REQUEST['EN']['net_result_24h']="Net result 24H"; $_REQUEST['EN']['transactions']="Transactions"; $_REQUEST['EN']['last_dividend']="Last dividend"; $_REQUEST['EN']['player']="Player"; $_REQUEST['EN']['time']="Time"; $_REQUEST['EN']['buy']="Buy"; $_REQUEST['EN']['sell']="Sell"; $_REQUEST['EN']['trader']="Trader"; $_REQUEST['EN']['trade']="Trade"; $_REQUEST['EN']['side']="Side"; $_REQUEST['EN']['qty']="Qty"; $_REQUEST['EN']['price']="Price"; $_REQUEST['EN']['market_price']="Market price"; $_REQUEST['EN']['volume_24h']="Volume 24H"; $_REQUEST['EN']['min_price_24h']="Min price 24H"; $_REQUEST['EN']['max_price_24h']="Max price 24H"; $_REQUEST['EN']['piece']="piece"; $_REQUEST['EN']['pieces']="pieces"; $_REQUEST['EN']['send_mes']="Send Message"; $_REQUEST['EN']['hits']="Hits"; $_REQUEST['EN']['sinups']="Signups"; $_REQUEST['EN']['percent']="Percent"; $_REQUEST['EN']['affiliates']="Affiliates"; $_REQUEST['EN']['questions']="Questions"; $_REQUEST['EN']['pics']="Pics"; $_REQUEST['EN']['options']="Options"; $_REQUEST['EN']['activity']="Activity"; $_REQUEST['EN']['usd']="USD"; $_REQUEST['EN']['crypto']="Cryptocurrencies"; $_REQUEST['EN']['nat_cur']="National currencies"; $_REQUEST['EN']['deposit']="Deposit"; $_REQUEST['EN']['wth']="Withdraw"; $_REQUEST['EN']['transfer']="Transfer"; $_REQUEST['EN']['zero_balance_coins']="Zero balance coins"; $_REQUEST['EN']['ex_rate']="Exchange rate"; $_REQUEST['EN']['instant_energy']="Instant Energy Boosters"; $_REQUEST['EN']['long_term_items']="Long Term Energy Items"; $_REQUEST['EN']['weapons_ammo']="Weapons & Ammunition"; $_REQUEST['EN']['travel_other']="Travel Tickets and Other Items"; $_REQUEST['EN']['cigars']="Cigars"; $_REQUEST['EN']['drinks']="Drinks"; $_REQUEST['EN']['food']="Food"; $_REQUEST['EN']['wine']="Wine"; $_REQUEST['EN']['clothes']="Clothes"; $_REQUEST['EN']['jewelry']="Jewelry"; $_REQUEST['EN']['cars']="Cars"; $_REQUEST['EN']['houses']="Houses"; $_REQUEST['EN']['wear']="Wear"; $_REQUEST['EN']['use']="Use"; $_REQUEST['EN']['product']="Product"; $_REQUEST['EN']['rent']="Rent"; $_REQUEST['EN']['status']="Status"; $_REQUEST['EN']['action']="Action"; $_REQUEST['EN']['low_quality']="Low quality product"; $_REQUEST['EN']['medium_quality']="Medium quality product"; $_REQUEST['EN']['high_quality']="High quality product"; $_REQUEST['EN']['expires']="Expires"; $_REQUEST['EN']['donate']="Donate"; $_REQUEST['EN']['set_rent_price']="Set rent price"; $_REQUEST['EN']['attack_weapons']="Attack weapons"; $_REQUEST['EN']['defense_weapons']="Defense weapons"; $_REQUEST['EN']['equip']="Equip"; $_REQUEST['EN']['damage']="Damage"; $_REQUEST['EN']['receiver']="Receiver"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smoke']="Smoke"; $_REQUEST['EN']['eat']="Eat"; $_REQUEST['EN']['drink']="Drink"; $_REQUEST['EN']['consuma']="Consume"; $_REQUEST['EN']['energy']="Energy"; $_REQUEST['EN']['pol_inf']="Political influence"; $_REQUEST['EN']['pol_end']="Political endorsement"; $_REQUEST['EN']['ref_expl']="Copy the code above and send to your friends or post it in public places if requested. Those who will register will become your affiliates. You will receive a tax from all revenues made by your affiliates. You can also sell or rent your affiliates on market. Do not spam other forums with your affiliate link."; // Quations $_REQUEST['EN']['Q1']="Age, sex, location"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q2']="Where did you hear about CoinRepublik ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q3']="How often do you play CoinRepublik ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q4']="Where do you work in real life ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q5']="What is your English level ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q6']="Where did you study high-school / university ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q7']="What aspects of the game should be improved ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q8']="Have you ever used an online casino website ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q9']="Do you have any trading experience ?"; $_REQUEST['EN']['Q10']="Have you ever used an online betting website ?"; // Misc $_REQUEST['EN']['no_answer']="no answer"; $_REQUEST['EN']['pending_review']="pending review"; // Hints $_REQUEST['EN']['hint_int_art']="International press"; $_REQUEST['EN']['hint_loc_art']="Local press"; $_REQUEST['EN']['hint_my_art']="My Articles"; $_REQUEST['EN']['hint_write_art']="Write Articles"; $_REQUEST['EN']['hint_insider']="Insiders"; // Sub menus $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_following']="Following"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_top_last_week']="Top last week"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_last_art']="Last articles"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_trans']="Transactions"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_div']="Dividends"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_holders']="Holders"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_market']="Market"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_income']="Income"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_faq']="FAQ"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_smart_contract']="Smart contract"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_token_status']="Token status"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_contract_status']="Smart contract status"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_contract_source']="Smart contract source code"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_deposit_wth']="Deposit / withdraw CRT"; $_REQUEST['EN']['smenu_sell_CRT']="Sell CRT"; // Modals $_REQUEST['EN']['modals_token_1']="In order to sell your tokens to the contract, send minimum 0.01 CRT to the following Ethereu address. Once the transaction is cleared the contract will automatically send back Ethereum to the sender."; $_REQUEST['EN']['modals_token_2']="The above address never changes so you can copy and bookmark it. You can witdraw tokens from game or buy them on external exchanges."; // --------------------------------------------- Left Menu ------------------------------------------------ $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_press']="Press"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_press_expl']="Top articles"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_game_fund']="Game fund"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_game_fund_expl']="Game fund"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_token']="Token"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_token_expl']="CoinRepublik Token"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_fin_mkts']="Financial markets"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_fin_mkts_expl']="Trade coins"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_mes']="Messages"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_mes_expl']="Last messages"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_ranks']="Ranks"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_ranks_expl']="Players ranks"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_aff']="Affiliates"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_aff_expl']="Affiliates area"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_acc']="Accounting"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_acc_expl']="Last transactions"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_events']="Events"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_events_expl']="Events list"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_set']="Settings"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_set_expl']="Account settings"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_help']="Help"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_help_expl']="Help area"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_assets']="Assets"; $_REQUEST['EN']['menu_assets_expl']="Browse assets"; // ---------------------------------------------------- Help ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_despre_1']="1.1 About CoinRepublik"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_despre_2']="CoinRepublik is a browser strategy game where the internal currency can be withdrawn in the form of real money. CoinRepublik can be played from any computer or mobile device without having to download anything. The game is an economic, financial and political simulator that mimics a real economy. Just like in the real world There are companies, jobs, financial markets, political decisions and wars."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_despre_3']="The game offers multiple possibilities to earn real money. We have integrated over 50 cryptocurrencies that can be traded so the game can be laso used as an exchange platform, where you can sell / buy cryptocurrencies at real market prices. Players can also speculate on the prices of foreign financial assets such as cryptocurrencies, the forex market or precious metals under exceptional conditions, such as a minimum capital requirement or reduced fees. For example, in CoinRepublik you can easily start speculating with only $0.01 as opposed to a classic trading platform where the minimum position is $5- $50."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_despre_4']="CoinRepublik consists of 7 modules that are described in detail in this documentation. The general module (press, affiliates, financial market etc ...), inventory, profit area, product market, trade area, economic area and political module. CoinRepublik offers multiple possibilities to play. You can write articles or you can even not play at all but just trade"; // ----------------------------------------------------- Indicatori de baza ------------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_1']="1.1 Basic indicators"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_2']="All CoinRepublik citizens have defined a set of indicators that show you how far they have advanced in the game. The basic indicators are energy, political influence, political endorsement and military experience. Indicators increase when you do certain activities or consume products and decrease at regular intervals or when you finish certain tasks."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_3']="Energy"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_4']="Energy is one of the most important indicators. Energy increases when you consume products such as cigarettes or food and decreases when you perform certain actions such as work, writing an article, voting for a comment and so on. Even when you browse the site, you lose 0.01 energy per page. Energy also decreases by 10% per hour whether or not you do any activity for players who have more than 10% energy. For players with energy below 10% this rule does not apply."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_5']="Because players who do not have products such as clothes could get stuck without energy, this indicator increases for all citizens by 0.01 points per minute regardless of whether or not you are logged in to your account or if you have products that increase your energy. Even if you are a beginner and have an empty inventory, after 24 hours you will have 10 energy points."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_6']="There are two types of products that increase your energy. Consumable products and durable goods. Consumables are cigarettes, food and drink. After they are bought on the market, they enter the inventory and can be consumed in a maximum of 10 days before being deleted. Any consumable product must be used within the first 10 days of purchase. When consumed, your energy increases instantly and the product disappears from the inventory."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_7']="Long-lasting products are clothes, jewelry, cars and houses. These products give you a fixed amount of energy every minute. For example, socks offer you 0.01 points / minute or 0.6 points / hour. Practically, a sock can bring your energy to 12 points after only 10 hours. The maximum value that energy can reach is 100."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_8']="Governments can reward citizens with high energy. The energy bonus is granted to all citizens with a complete profile, depending on the amount of energy they have. The bonus can be picked up once every 24 hours."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_9']="Political influence"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_10']="Political influence is another important indicator. Political influence increases with each energy point you use. For example, it increases by 5 points if you use 5 energy points while working, if you vote for a comment or simply while browsing the site. Political influence decreases by 1% every day. The maximum value it can reach is 10,000 points."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_11']="As in the case of energy, governments reward citizens having a minimum 10 points of political influence. The bonus can be picked up every 24 hours and depends exclusively on the political experience you have."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_12']="Political endorsement"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_13']="Political endorsement is a slightly different indicator. It doesn't increase or decrease based on actions you take. It changes depending on how many political endorsers you have. Any player can politically endorse up to 3 other users. The only condition is to have a political influence of at least 1 and the endorsed player to be part of the same political party as the endorser"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_14']="When you politically endorse another party member, the political endorsement of that member increases depending on your political influence and the number of candidates supported. For example, if you have a political influence of 1000 points and you endorse 2 party members, their political endorsement will grow by 500 points each. If you endorse only one player, he will receive 1000 points of political endorsement."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_15']="As you increase your political influence, the political support of those you voted for also increases. You can't endorse yourself. You can always stop politically supporting another player. If you leave your political party (if any), both political influence and political support are reset to zero. The first 10 players with the biggest political endorsement wil become members of the congress and can propose / vote laws."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_16']="As in the case of energy, governments reward citizens having a hight political endorsement with a bonus. The bonus can be picked up every 24 hours and depends exclusively on the political endorsement you have."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_17']="Military exprience"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_indicators_18']="Military experience is gained only in wars. After each fight, depending on how many energy points you have consumed, your military experience increases. Military experience decreases by 1% per day and is limited to 10,000 points. As with other indicators, there is a government bonus that you can receive. The size of the bonus depends on how many points of military experience you have."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Presa ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_1']="1.3 Press and comments"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_2']="The press in CoinRepublik is a very important segment of the game. First of all, absolutely all articles are written by players and represent original content. Only articles about CoinRepublik are accepted, so the possibility of copying articles from outside is excluded."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_3']="The press is a very important aspect and due to the fact that it is an important source of income for authors. All authors are paid according to the number of views / votes that their article has. Also all commenters on articles are also paid when they receive a vote."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_4']="To write an article go to the Home page and click the Write Article tab. You can format an article in several ways (bold writing, text colors etc ...). In the editing page of an article all the information regarding the formatting is given. You must also mention the category to which the article belongs. In CoinRepublik there are multiple categories and you must fall into one of them. Carefully check the content of an article because once written it cannot be modified. After you submit an article for approval, it takes about 24 hours to be approved."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_5']="There are two types of articles. Local articles that can be written in the language of the country where you live or international ones, written in English. Local items are visible only to the country's citizens. The international ones are visible to all players. An article never expires just as time goes on, it will go down in the list, but theoretically you can get money from an article years after it was written, especially if you promote it."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_6']="As I mentioned, the authors of the articles are paid for the effort made. In the case of international articles, the author will receive $ 0.01 from the game fund for each unique citation, and for each vote received another $ 0.01, indefinitely. If it is well promoted, an article can bring you money for a long time. The bonus is paid only once per reader. If a player reads your article 10 times, you will be paid only once. Also, a player can vote for an item only once."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_7']="The same rules apply in the case of local articles, with the difference that the payment is made in the national currency and the money is paid by the state budget, not by the game fund. For each single reader of an article, the author will receive 0.01 local currency and for each vote another 0.01. As with international items, payments are made on the spot."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_8']="Comments"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_9']="Not only the authors of the articles are rewarded, but also the authors of the comments. An important aspect is that players can post comments for several categories of content not just for articles. For example, you can post comments on profiles, bets, transactions, etc ... All comments are treated the same. For each vote, the author will receive 0.01 national currency. The bonus is paid by the state budget."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_presa_10']="Unlike articles, comments will be immediately visible on the website and are reviewed by the team in the order in which they are posted. If the post is off topic or spam you will be notified. With more than 3 warnings, you will lose the right to post comments."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Piata financiara ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_1']="1.4 Financial market"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_2']="In CoinRepublik there are three types of coins in circulation. USD, cryptocurrencies and national currencies. Both USD and national currencies can be deposited or withdrawn from the game. National currencies circulate only within the game and can be bought or sold for USD through the financial market."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_3']="For each country there is a national currency except for countries that share the same currency as the EURO. For each currency there is a different financial market and a different exchange rate against the USD. There are thus over 150 different financial markets."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_4']="Do not confuse the national currency USD with the USD which can be withdrawn in real money. The national USD currency can be exchanged for only 0.01 USD and cannot be withdrawn in real money."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_5']="The purpose of the financial market is to allow players to trade quickly between the real USD and the national currencies or vice versa. On the financial market you can sell real USD for any national currency or you can buy real USD with national currencies. It is a very important facility especially for those who have received taxes from affiliates in national currencies and want to change them into real USD. Not only players have access to this market but also governments that can sell or buy real USD."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_6']="Another important aspect of the market is how the exchange rate changes. The financial market is what we call an automatic market. In an automatic market the price increases / decreases automatically after each transaction. In the case of the financial market for every USD bought, the price increases by 0.01 and for every USD sold, the price decreases by 0.01. Subunit quantities can also be sold, in which case the price changes accordingly. For example, for every $ 0.01 sold, the price decreases by 0.0001."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_7']="Transactions on the financial market involve a fee of 1%. When you buy USD, you will pay the fee to the bottom of the game. When you sell USD you will pay the tax to the state budget."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_piata_financiara_8']="To access the financial market go to the Financial Market page in the Home section. There you can choose which currency to trade. The minimum amount that can be traded is 0.01 USD. Go to the inventory / coins area to see the new balance you have (for national currencies)."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Fondul jocului ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_1']="1.5 Game fund"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_2']="Unlike other games where all the advantages that players buy go to the equio, in CoinRepulik these payments go to a fund called the game fund. Once at the bottom of the game, the money is paid once every 10 days to an Ethereum contract where it can be withdrawn 24 hours / 7 days by CoinRepublik shareholders. Besides the CoinRepublik shareholders' team, there are the players themselves. You can become a shareholder at any time if you own CoinRepublik Tokens (CRT). For more details on the CRT token go to the next section of the help."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_3']="The fund of the game collects only USD. Taxes in national currencies are sent exclusively to state budgets. The game fund is emptied on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_4']="The game fund collects money from many places, such as financial market transactions, opening companies, jobs and much more. Below is an x-ray of the types of receipts. To see the current situation of receipts and payments go to the Home / Game Fund section. There you can see the current balance and the last transactions made by the fund."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_5']="Financial market transactions tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_6']="Premiu player fee"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_7']="Company opening fee"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_8']="Workplaces rent fee"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_9']="Rent licence fee"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_10']="USD loans profit taxUSD"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_11']="MArgin transactions profit tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_12']="Options trading profit tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_13']="Financial bets profit tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_14']="Bets profit tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_15']="Cryptocoins withdrawal tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_16']="Resellers withdraw tax"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_17']="The game fund also has expenses such as the bonus paid to article authors or commissions paid to resellers. The detailed list is presented below. Any balance remaining on the fund on the 10th, 20th or 30th of the month is sent to the CRT contract."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_18']="International article authors bonus"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_19']="International articles vote bonus"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_20']="Reselers bonus"; // ---------------------------------------------------- Tokenul CoinRepublik ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_1']="1.6 CoinRepublik Token"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_2']="CoinRepublik Token (CRT) is an Ethereum token (ERC20) that represents a piece of CoinRepublik. The holders are appointed shareholders and will receive dividends 3 times a month. The maximum number of CRTs is limited to 50,000. We are talking about the maximum number because the amount of CRT increases by 1 CRT every hour. When it reaches 50,000, no action will be generated."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_3']="Like any token, CRT has behind it a contract (a script) that runs autonomously on the Ethereum network. The contract has two essential tasks. The first is to ensure the transfer of tokens from one address to another and the second task is to buy any amount of CRT from shareholders at any time of day or night. The price at which CRT buys varies depending on the balance of the contract and the amount of tokens in circulation."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_4']="All redemptions made by the contract are in ETH, one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies in the world. The fund balance is maintained exclusively in ETH."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_5']="The contract behind the CRT has its own funds that it practically uses to guarantee the value of a token. Contract funds can only be withdrawn by selling tokens to the contract. There is no other way to withdraw those funds. The team has absolutely no control over them. The source code of the CRT contract is public, immutable and out of any external influence. The funds in the contract represent the guarantee that no matter what happens to the team of admins / servers / employees of CoinRepublik, the shareholders will be able to sell their shares at the correct price."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_6']="The contract funds come exclusively from the payments made by the game fund. The fund's money is transformed into ETH and the coins delivered to the contract, 3 times a month. Once in the contract, the money can be used exclusively to redeem CRT from shareholders. Contract receipts depend exclusively on fund receipts and may vary over time."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_7']="Because the balance of the contract is kept in the ETH, the value of a CRT expressed in USD could vary up or down daily. The value of a token in ETH tends to increase over time."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_8']="The redemption process is trivial. First of all you have to remember that in order to sell CRTs to the contract, you must first withdraw them in a compatible wallet such as Atomic. Once you have the CRT in your wallet, all you have to do is send the coins to the address 0x146645FbC468Ad34464240Cd494e4F4cD84a120b."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_9']="When the transaction is processed by the network, you will automatically receive the ETH value of the coins sent. The redemption value is calculated according to the formula V = F / Q, where F represents the funds in ETH held by the contract and Q the total amount of CRT in circulation. If, for example, the fund has 10 ETHs and 1000 CRTs are in circulation, for each CRT the contract will send you 0.01 ETH"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_10']="To buy CRT you can use the internal CoinRepublik market or you can buy directly from other owners outside the game. The internal market of the game is in the Home / Token area. You can keep your token in the game but the best long-term solution is to withdraw it in your own wallet. To withdraw CRT go to inventory / cryptocurrencies and initiate a withdrawal request. A fixed fee of $ 1 is charged for cryptocurrency withdrawals."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_11']="Not all wallets accept token transactions. Be careful what wallet you use to avoid losses. We recommend Atomic wallet but you can use any other compatible wallet."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_12']="A very important aspect is how the total amount of CRT varies. The amount in circulation increases by 1 CRT per hour but can also decrease. When the contract repurchases coins from shareholders, those coins are destroyed and the total amount of CRT decreases. In this way, no matter how many coins someone sells, the price in ETH of a token will remain steady. Let's take an example: suppose there are 1000 CRTs in circulation, and the contract has 10 ETHs. The redemption price is therefore 0.01 ETH / CRT. A large shareholder suddenly sells 500 CRT. The balance of the contract is reduced by 5 ETH but at the same time the total amount of CRT decreases to 500. The new redemption price remains unchanged at 0.01 ETH. This mechanism guarantees the CRT value even if a large amount of tokens is suddenly sold."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_token_13']="In conclusion, the value of a token expressed in ETH decreases only when new tokens are generated, increases only when the team sends funds to the contract and remains stable when the tokens are redeemed by the contract. Normally the long term trend is to increase the price in ETH because the team makes payments 3 times a month. The value of a token expressed in USD can vary greatly during the day because the value of ETH varies and the fund holds exclusively ETH."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Afiliati ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_1']="1.7 Afiliates"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_2']="The CoinRepublik affiliate system is an excellent source of income. An affiliate is basically a player who signed up for CoinRepublik using your affiliate link. All players have an affiliate line that can be found in the Home / Affiliates section. When someone clicks on that link and opens an in-game account, it automatically becomes your affiliate."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_3']="Affiliates are a source of income because they pay you a fee of at least 5% of absolutely any earnings whether it is work or trading earnings. The only affiliates who do not pay you taxes are the affiliates who have the quality of premium citizen. Premium citizens do not pay taxes but instead you will receive a bonus of 25% of the $ 10 tax they pay monthly, ie $ 2.5 / month."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_4']="To make your promotion work easier, we have prepared multiple professional banners that you can find in the affiliate area. You can use them for free wherever you want."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_5']="The best way to get new affiliates is to send the personal link to friends or post it in places where you are authorized to do so such as forums, comment area, blogs, etc. You can also pay for advertising if you want to get quality traffic. Regardless of the method you choose, you have real-time access to statistics and you can see in any second how many visitors / signups you had on a given day."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_6']="Another excellent way to monetize affiliates is the affiliate market. Any affiliate player that meets certain conditions can be put up for sale. The conditions are the complete profile, daily activity in the last 10 days and minimum 20 active days in the last month. To sell an affiliate, go to the list and press the change price button next to the user."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_afiliati_7']="We are aware that on the affiliate market can be traded 'clones' that become inactive as soon as they have been sold. Moderators monitor the market and transactions on a daily basis."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Profil ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_profil_1']="1.8 Personal profile"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_profil_2']="The personal profile consists of a list of 10 answers and 10 uploaded pictures. There are two reasons to complete your personal profile. The first is that in this way you become known in the community and the second are government bonuses. Only citizens with the full profile have access to those bonuses. These are the 5 bonuses offered by governments: the energy bonus, affiliates, political influence, political support and military experience."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_profil_3']="Completing the profile is done from the settings area and does not take more than 5 minutes. All you have to do is fill out a form with 10 questions and upload 10 personal pictures where the girl is visible. Absolutely all profiles are manually checked. Profiles that we consider not real will be rejected."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_profil_4']="In the case of pictures we use external services to detect copied pictures. If the posted photos do not belong to you, the moderators can block you from completing your profile for 3 months."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Cetatenii premium ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_1']="1.9 Premium citizens"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_2']="Premium citizens are users who have bought the option from the bottom of the game. This option costs $ 10 / month and brings a number of not inconsiderable benefits. Below is the list:"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_3']="Premium citizens do not pay taxes to the budget, to referrals, to the game fund"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_4']="Premium citizens receive a free affiliate every day. The affiliate is randomly selected from the players who have registered in the last week and do not have a referrer."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_5']="Bonuses for energy, affiliates, political influence, political support and military influence are 100% higher than for an ordinary citizen."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_6']="Premium citizens receive free 25 points of energy daily"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_7']="Premium citizens receive 0.01 CRT every day"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_8']="Premium citizens receive 0.01 treasury bonds every day"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_9']="Premium citizens travel anywhere for free without any energy loss."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_10']="Premium citizens do not need a full profile to access government bonuses."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_11']="To become a premium citizen, click on the corresponding icon in the menu on the right side of each page. You can buy this right between 1 and 12 months, with a discount between 10% and 30%, if you buy the subscription for at least 3 months."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_premium_11']="Premium citizen status can also be acquired by playing the first of the faucets in the game. There you can easily earn this quality for 24 hours. It deserves a try."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Calatoriile / cetatenia ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_1']="1.10 Travel and citizenship"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_2']="When you register for the game you are automatically assigned to the country where you are actually located at the time of opening the account. If you are in Indonesia, you will receive Indonesian citizenship. All players have a citizenship. Citizenship can be changed anyway but there are certain penalties for this and it is something you need to think about carefully."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_3']="Because not all countries have the same structure of bonuses and taxes and some countries go by the idea of zero taxes, it is normal to want to change your citizenship. The change of citizenship can be done instantly. The only condition is to move to your new country and press the change citizenship button in the settings area (Home / settings / security / options). When you change your citizenship, your political influence and political support are reset to zero. It is a very important aspect because by changing your citizenship you could lose all the progress you have made in the game. We recommend changing citizenship only in the first month and only in special cases."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_4']="Without resetting influence and political support, a group of players with very high political influence could easily take over the leadership of another country by simply changing citizenship."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_5']="Citizens can travel to any country without any restrictions. Travel is necessary both for economic purposes (opening a company or a branch) and for military purposes (merging troops before an attack). To travel to another country you need travel tickets. Depending on the distance traveled, you may need up to 10 tickets. For every 1000 km traveled, a travel ticket is consumed. Also for every 100 km traveled you will consume 1 energy point."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_6']="An important aspect is that foreign citizens do not have access to the product market in a country in which they have moved. You cannot go from the UK to Spain to buy products locally. You can only rent houses or cars. When you leave the country, the rental contracts for houses and cars are suspended. Also, as long as you are in a foreign country, you will not receive energy for the car and house you own / rent in the country where you are a citizen. If you are a citizen of Malaysia and you travel to China, as long as you are in China you will no longer receive the energy bonus for owning / renting cars or houses in Malaysia."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_general_travel_7']="Distances between countries are calculated based on distances in the real world. For example, in CoinRepublik UK it is 7000 km from the US, which is about the same distance as in reality."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Calatoriile / cetatenia ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_1']="2.1 Coins"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_2']="In CoinRepubik there are 3 types of coins in circulation. USD, cryptocurrencies and national currencies. USD and cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn and deposited. National currencies can only be used in local economies but can be bought / sold for USD using the financial market. To check your balance list go to the Inventory area."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_3']="USD"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_4']="The most important currency in the game is the virtual USD. 1 USD virtual can be withdrawn for 1 USD real. You can also deposit real USD and you will receive virtual USD in the game. You can deposit real USD using several methods such as bank transfer, Neteller or resellers which in turn offer a wide range of payment instruments. With virtual USD you can also buy national currencies. Another way to get USD is to sell cryptocurrencies at market price."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_5']="Cryptocoins"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_6']="Cryptocurrencies are also widely used coins in the game. At the moment there are over 20 cryptocurrencies available but the list is constantly expanding. Cryptocurrencies can be deposited and withdrawn in real cryptocurrencies at the rate of 1: 1 just like USD. Unlike USD, cryptocurrencies are deposited and withdrawn only through CoinRepublik. You cannot use resellers for this operation."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_7']="Cryptocurrency deposits are made automatically without team intervention. All you have to do is send a certain amount to our addresses. All deposits are court-based and do not require confirmation if the amount is less than $ 100 or 1 confirmation otherwise. To deposit / withdraw cryptocurrencies use the button next to a coin to select the operation."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_8']="Cryptocurrencies can also be sold / bought for USD. The exchange is instant and is done at the market price, without direct commissions. However, there is a difference between the sale and purchase price called spread, the difference that exists on any exchange."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_9']="Local currencies"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_10']="Each CoinRepublik country has its own currency. But there are also groups of countries that use the same currency as the countries in the EU bloc. Local currencies can be used exclusively to buy local products. Also government bonuses are received in local currency. You can use the financial market to buy USD for a local currency."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_11']="Do not confuse the US national currency (USD) with the USD which can be withdrawn in real money. The national USD currency can be exchanged for only 0.01 USD and cannot be withdrawn in real money."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_monezi_12']="In the inventory section you can see the list of available local currencies. Because affiliates pay their taxes in local currency, it is possible to have positive balances in several currencies without having to make any purchase."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Produse ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_1']="2.2 Products"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_2']="CoinRepublik has dozens of product types. Many such raw materials are used to produce other types of products. Another part of the products are used by citizens to increase their energy. Even products that give you energy are divided into two main categories: consumables, ie products that once consumed disappear from the inventory such as food or drink and products that when used give you a small amount of energy every minute for a certain time. This category includes clothes, jewelry, cars and houses. The list of products you have can be found in the Inventory / products section."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_3']="Consumables"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_4']="The category of consumables includes cigarettes, drinks, food and wine. Consumable products give you instant energy but once consumed they disappear from the inventory. Each product gives you a certain amount of energy (between 1 and 10 points). Also consumable products have warranty terms. Remember that food expires after 10 days if not consumed. The rest of the products can be kept in inventory indefinitely. To consume a product use the inventory / products section."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_5']="Wine is a special product. Unlike cigarettes or drinks that give you the same energy over time, the energy that wine gives you increases every minute by 0.0002 (0.28 points / day, 8.4 points / month, 100 points / year). Initially the wine gives you only 1 energy point. No citizen can hold more than 30 bottles of wine in the inventory."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_6']="Long-lasting products"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_7']="The category of durable products includes clothes, jewelry, cars and houses. These products give you a certain fixed energy bonus every minute when used."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_8']="Simply purchasing a durable product does not increase your energy. You have to use it first. Go to the inventory section and press the use button next to the product."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_9']="The bonus granted by these products is set at 0.01 / minute. The difference between the products is the lifespan. For example, socks expire after only 5 days, while a coat after 30 days. Wear of the products starts when it enters your inventory, even if they are used or not. Information on the lifespan and energy provided by the products can be found on the corresponding market page or in the inventory"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_10']="The products can be purchased from the market page for the national currency. Two categories of traders have access to that market. Users who can only buy and manufacturing companies who can only sell."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_produse_11']="Keep in mind that when you are in another country you do not have access to the local market of products that give you energy even if you have money. Only import-export companies can buy these products."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Actiuni ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_actiuni_1']="2.3 Shares"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_actiuni_2']="Shares in companies are an excellent form of investment. Any open company initially has 1000 shares. 100 of them are the property of the game fund, which immediately puts them up for sale at different price categories. The remaining 900 go to the owner. When the owner withdraws the profit from a company, the money is automatically divided between the company's shareholders."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_actiuni_3']="To check the list of shares you own go to the inventory / shares section. Also there you can see the list with the last dividends you received but also the list with the last dividends granted by companies in general. Because the shares are bought in USD you can buy shares in any company in any country."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_actiuni_4']="The market on which the shares are traded is not an automatic market. This means that someone will have to sell or buy a certain stock."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Obligatiuni ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_1']="2.4 Bonds"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_2']="Just as shares are part of companies 'profits, government bonds are part of governments' profits. Each government has government bonds. 25% of the state budget revenues go to a fund called the bond guarantee fund which will be used to redeem any amount of bonds from the holders. There are two very important issues when it comes to bonds."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_3']="First of all, the bonds are generated at the rate of 0.1 / hour and distributed through the official faucet, ie they can be earned at the pecans. This is the only form of initial distribution. They can also be bought from other players. Once you have won a bond (or a fraction) you have two options to turn it into money. You use the bond guarantee fund that will pay you its value on the spot or you put it on the market at a higher price and you are waiting for a buyer."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_4']="Because the bond generation rate is 0.1 / hour and the guarantee fund collects money every day, in active countries the value of a bond will tend to increase over time."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_5']="The price at which the fund repurchases bonds depends on the funds of the guarantee fund and the total amount of bonds in circulation. If, for example, the fund holds $ 800 and there are 1,600 bonds outstanding, the fund will pay $ 0.5 per bond. Of course you can also sell fractions but not less than 0.01. The guarantee fund is replenished after each collection of the budget with 25% of the amount collected. In the case of local currencies, the conversion into USD will be done at regular intervals. All fund payments are in USD."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_6']="Another important aspect of bonds is that when a user uses the guarantee fund to be paid, the amount of bonds sold is deleted from the system, ie the total amount of bonds in the market decreases, just as it happens. with CoinRepublik Token (CRT)."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_7']="If a country's guarantee fund increases to over $ 1000, then the funds will be moved to an Ethereum contract, identical to the structure of the contract that administers CoinRepublik Token, and those bonds will have a life of their own outside the game, and can be traded. anywhere. Also, the guarantee fund will become external and will have the same rules as the fund that administers CRT with the difference that the rate of creation of a token bond will be 0.1 / hour."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_8']="Bonds do not give you any rights in local government. To participate in political life you must join a party and get the support of colleagues."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Locuri de munca ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_1']="3.1 Workplaces"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_2']="Jobs at companies are a safe and easy source of daily income. To produce goods, companies need raw materials, machinery and labor. Companies get labor through jobs that can be filled by users. Companies can set a salary per hour. When you work, companies consume raw materials, use their equipment and generate finished products."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_3']="When you take a job you are paid according to the time you worked, and the time you can allocate to work depends exclusively on the level of energy you have. Each energy point allows you to work 5 minutes. 12 energy points allow you to work one hour."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_4']="Salaries are paid in the national currency of the country where the company is opened. Only the country's citizens have access to local jobs."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_5']="Salaries are taxable. This means that you will pay a tax to both the state budget and the one that referred you to the game. Taxes on the budget vary from country to country and vary between 0 and 10%. Referral fees are set at 5%. The energy you consume working brings you both cash gains and increased political influence. For each point of energy consumed at work you will receive 1 point of political influence."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_6']="To work go to the Earnings / Jobs page. There are displayed the available jobs in the order of the hourly wage. A job can be occupied by a single user at the same time. You can choose the duration you want to spend working (between 5 minutes and 8 hours)."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_munca_7']="You can work a maximum of 8 hours a day. While working, you cannot start a new work process and you cannot leave the country, manage companies, etc ..."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Jocuri de noroc ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_faucet_1']="3.2 The faucet"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_faucet_1']="Not only by working you can get money. At faucets offered by the government you can also win both money and other prizes such as energy, the right to be a premium citizen for 24 hours, bonds, etc. Gambling is provided by governments. Cash prizes are paid by the state budget. The rest of the prizes such as bonds or travel tickets are offered by the game."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_faucet_1']="Another important aspect of faucets is that you do not need money to play but energy. Each roll will consume between 0.25 and 10 energy points. Energy consumption depends on the car you are playing. For cars that offer prizes such as houses, the energy consumption per 'roll' 'is higher. Carefully read the game's energy requirements before you begin."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_faucet_1']="Certain products such as travel vouchers or government bonds are generated exclusively through faucets. Travel tickets cannot be produced by companies."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_faucet_1']="Faucets winnings are taxable only by the referee, who will receive a fixed fee of 10% of your winnings. State budgets do not tax this activity because they are the ones who provide the prizes."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Retele sociale ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_1']="3.3 Social networks advertising"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_2']="If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, you can earn extra income. There are companies that want to pay you for a 'share' on Facebook or a 'follow' on Twitter. CoinRepublik offers anyone the opportunity to launch or participate in a social advertising campaign."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_3']="There are several platforms that can be advertised. These include major networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but you can also get paid to post on forums or blogs. The conditions for being paid and many other details can be found on the campaign presentation page. Generally you will have to do certain actions to get paid as follows."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_4']="Faceook: You will generally be asked to like and share the page of the person who launched the campaign. Some may ask you to press the 'follow' button."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_5']="Twitter: You will have to become a follower of a certain page. Some advertisers will even ask you to post a message on your account."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_6']="Telegram: You will generally be asked to join the organizer's official chat group."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_7']="YouTube: You will need to become a follower of a YouTube channel. In rarer cases the organizer may ask you to post an original video (in this case the commission is much higher)."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_8']="Forum Posts: Generally you will be asked to post a message on forums chosen by you or the organizer."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_9']="By participating in social advertising campaigns, you can be paid in both USD and cryptocurrencies. It is up to the organizer to choose the currency in which the participants pay."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_10']="Regardless of the platform or conditions, after performing the task you will have to ask for your money. To ask for your money go to the campaign presentation page and click on the 'Request payment' button. You will need to provide your Faceook address, Twitter, Telegram account or other details depending on the organizer's requirements. After the organizer receives your request and analyzes it, it will approve the payment. The organizers may reject an application if you have not met the required conditions."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_11']="Not all users are paid the same. The organizers specify an amount they are willing to pay depending on how visible your Facebook page is or the number of Twitter followers you have. A user who has a Facebook page with 1000 friends will receive more money than one who has only 100. But these are details that keep the organizer excluded."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_12']="Revenues from social policing campaigns are taxed by both the state budget and the referrer. The state budget will receive between 0% and 10% and your referrer 5% of what you receive."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_13']="Launching a social advertising campaign is free and is done in two steps. First of all, you have to specify some data about the company / product you want to promote. You can do this by clicking the 'Create company profile' button on the Earnings / Social Networks page. You will need to provide general information, such as company name, logo, description, social profiles, etc."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_14']="Once the profile has been set, you can move on to defining a campaign by filling out the following form."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_15']="Company profile"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_16']="You can have several profiles defined. You must specify for which profile you want to advertise."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_17']="Platforma"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_18']="The social platform on which the campaign will take place. You can choose from over 1o platforms."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_19']="Minimum number of friends"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_20']="The minimum number of friends / followers that a user needs to have in order to participate in the campaign."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_21']="Coin type"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_22']="The type of currency used to pay the participants. You can choose between USD and cryptocurrencies."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_23']="Payment coin"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_24']="The currency used to pay the participants."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_25']="Payment / friend"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_26']="How much are you willing to pay per friend / follower / share. Not all participants' social accounts are equally popular. Some participants could have 25 friends on Facebook and others 25,000, which has a direct effect on the effectiveness of the campaign."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_27']="Budget"; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_28']="Specify the campaign budget. The initial budget can be increased later. The amount will be withdrawn from your account and all payments will be made from this budget. If you cancel the campaign, you will receive unused funds back."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_29']="All new campaigns must be reviewed and approved by the team. The process takes a maximum of 24 hours, from the moment you launch the campaign."; $_REQUEST['EN']['manual_castiguri_social_30']="After the campaign has been approved and the first payment requests appear, you can proceed to their verification. You can approve / reject any request received. You can specify how much you pay for each request. If you have rejected an application, you must also specify the reason for the rejection."; ?>link. In acest caz riscul de frauda este zero. Echipa isi asuma raspunderea 100% pentru decizie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['oracle_user']="Acest pariu este gestionat de *user. Asta inseamna ca varianta casigatoare va fi decisa de *user. Decizia ar trebui luata pe baza datelor furnizate de acest link, dar cade exclusiv in sarcina *user sa decida. In acest caz exista un grad mediu de frauda. Verifica istoricul lui *user inainte de investi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['oracle_myself']="Acest pariu este gestionat de *user. Asta inseamna ca varianta casigatoare va fi decisa de *user. Acest user este deasemenea initiatorul pariului. Decizia ar trebui luata pe baza datelor furnizate de acest link, dar cade exclusiv in sarcina *user sa decida. Deoarece *user ar putea pierde bani, riscul de frauda este ridicat."; $_REQUEST['RO']['fin_bet']="Mai jos gasesti detaliile pariului. Poti investi minim $0.01 sau 1 moneda locala, in functie de tipul pariului. Regulile pariurilor financiare sunt simple. Daca conditia impusa de creator este indeplinita in timpul cerut, atunci vei castiga un anumit procent din investitie. In caz contrar, pierzi banii. Citeste cu atenti conditiile pariului, deoarece nu iti poti retrage banii dupa ce investesti. Pariul este 100% gestionat de sistem care va decide variante castigatoare si va plati investitorii. Initiatorul unui pariu nu are nici un control in ceea ce priveste modul in care se termina pariul."; $_REQUEST['RO']['page_coins']="Mai jos gasesti toate detaliile legate de moneda. Pentru mai multe detalii poti vizita site-ul oficial sau canalele de comunicare afisate mai jos. Deasemenea sunt afisate detalii despre utilizarea monezii in joc cum ar fi lista pietelor speculative, a optiunilor sau a pariurilor financiare. Daca reprezinti un token si doresti sa apara in CoinRepublik, contacteaza suportul tehnic."; $_REQUEST['RO']['page_assets_list']="CoinRepublik iti ofera posibiitatea sa tranzactionezi o gama larga de asset-uri. Mai jos gasesti lista asset-urilor care pot fi tranzactionate cum sunt criptomonezile, forex etc. Pentru fiecare tip de asset exista piete in marja sau se pot lansa / cumpara optiuni sau pariuri financiare. Deasemenea poti folosi asset-uri drept garantie pentru obtinerea de imprumuturii."; $_REQUEST['RO']['page_com_branches']="Companiile pot avea sucursale in multiple tari. Sucursalele permit unei companii sa isi vanda produsele in alte tari. Taxele pe vanzarea produselor sunt cele din tara unde se face vanzarea. Deasemenea compania va incasa moneda locala a tari unde isi vinde produsele. Monezile straine pot fi schimbate in moneda nationala a tarii unde este inregistrata compania. O sucursala permite unei companii doar sa vanda produse. Compania nu va putea produse sau cumpara materie prima de pe respectivele piete. Mai jos este lista sucursalelor. Deschiderea unei sucursale costa $1/luna."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_title']="Devino cetatean premium"; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_desc']="Premium citizens have a long list of benefits, including extra bonuses and tax exemptions. The subscription costs from $ 5 / month."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_1']="Cetatenii premium nu platesc taxe nici catre buget, nici catre refereri, nici catre fondul jocului"; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_2']="Cetatenii premium primesc un afiliat gratuit in fiecare zi. Afiliatul este ales aleator din jucatorii cei care s-au inscris in ultima saptamana si nu dispun de un referer."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_3']="Bonusurile pentru energie, afiliati, influenta politica, sustinere politica si influenta militare sunt cu 100% mai mari decat la un cetatean obisnuit."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_4']="Cetatenii premium primesc 25 puncte de energie gratuit pe zi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_5']="Cetatenii premium primesc 0.01 CRT / zi gratuit"; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_6']="Cetatenii premium primesc 0.01 bonduri de trezorerie in fiecare zi. Bondurile sunt pentru tara in care sunt cetateni."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_7']="Cetatenii premium calatoresc gratuit oriunde fara nici o pierdere de energie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['premium_adv_8']="Cetatenii premium primesc un bonus de minim 10 moneda locala zilnic."; // Misc $_REQUEST['RO']['misc_token_collateral']="Fondul de garantare pentru CRT"; $_REQUEST['RO']['token']="Token"; $_REQUEST['RO']['buy_back_price']="Pret garantat"; $_REQUEST['RO']['new_tokens']="Token-uri noi"; $_REQUEST['RO']['you_own']="Detii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['day']="zi"; $_REQUEST['RO']['month']="luna"; $_REQUEST['RO']['year']="an"; $_REQUEST['RO']['income_24h']="Venituri 24H"; $_REQUEST['RO']['spend_24h']="Cheltuieli 24H"; $_REQUEST['RO']['net_result_24h']="Rezultat net 24H"; $_REQUEST['RO']['transactions']="Tranzactii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['last_dividend']="Ultimul dividend"; $_REQUEST['RO']['player']="Jucator"; $_REQUEST['RO']['time']="Timp"; $_REQUEST['RO']['buy']="Cumpara"; $_REQUEST['RO']['sell']="Vinde"; $_REQUEST['RO']['trader']="Jucator"; $_REQUEST['RO']['trade']="Tranzactioneaza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['side']="Tip"; $_REQUEST['RO']['qty']="Cantitate"; $_REQUEST['RO']['price']="Pret"; $_REQUEST['RO']['market_price']="Pret piata"; $_REQUEST['RO']['volume_24h']="Volum 24H"; $_REQUEST['RO']['min_price_24h']="Pret minim 24H"; $_REQUEST['RO']['max_price_24h']="Pret maxim 24H"; $_REQUEST['RO']['piece']="bucata"; $_REQUEST['RO']['pieces']="bucati"; $_REQUEST['RO']['hits']="Vizitatori"; $_REQUEST['RO']['signups']="Inscrieri"; $_REQUEST['RO']['percent']="Procent"; $_REQUEST['RO']['affiliates']="Afiliati"; $_REQUEST['RO']['questions']="Intrebari"; $_REQUEST['RO']['options']="Optiuni"; $_REQUEST['RO']['activity']="Activitate"; $_REQUEST['RO']['pics']="Poze"; $_REQUEST['RO']['usd']="USD"; $_REQUEST['RO']['crypto']="Criptomonezi"; $_REQUEST['RO']['nat_cur']="Monezi nationale"; $_REQUEST['RO']['deposit']="Depoziteaza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['wth']="Retrage"; $_REQUEST['RO']['transfer']="Transfera"; $_REQUEST['RO']['zero_balance_coins']="Monezi cu balanta zero"; $_REQUEST['RO']['instant_energy']="Produse consumabile"; $_REQUEST['RO']['long_term_items']="Produse de folosinta indelungata"; $_REQUEST['RO']['weapons_ammo']="Arme si munitie"; $_REQUEST['RO']['travel_other']="Tichete de calatorie si alte obiecte"; $_REQUEST['RO']['cigars']="Tigari"; $_REQUEST['RO']['drinks']="Bautura"; $_REQUEST['RO']['food']="Mancare"; $_REQUEST['RO']['wine']="Vin"; $_REQUEST['RO']['clothes']="Haine"; $_REQUEST['RO']['jewelry']="Bijuterii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['cars']="Masini"; $_REQUEST['RO']['houses']="Case"; $_REQUEST['RO']['wear']="Poarta"; $_REQUEST['RO']['use']="Foloseste"; $_REQUEST['RO']['product']="Produs"; $_REQUEST['RO']['rent']="Inchiriaza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['status']="Stare"; $_REQUEST['RO']['action']="Actiune"; $_REQUEST['RO']['low_quality']="Produs de calitate inferioara"; $_REQUEST['RO']['medium_quality']="Produs de calitate medie"; $_REQUEST['RO']['high_quality']="Produs de calitate inalta"; $_REQUEST['RO']['expires']="Expira"; $_REQUEST['RO']['donate']="Doneaza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['set_rent_price']="Seteaza pretul de inchiriere"; $_REQUEST['RO']['attack_weapons']="Arme de atac"; $_REQUEST['RO']['defense_weapons']="Arme de aparare"; $_REQUEST['RO']['equip']="Echipeaza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['damage']="Putere"; $_REQUEST['RO']['receiver']="Destinatar"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smoke']="Fumeaza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['eat']="Mananca"; $_REQUEST['RO']['drink']="Bea"; $_REQUEST['RO']['consuma']="Consuma"; $_REQUEST['RO']['energy']="Energie"; $_REQUEST['RO']['pol_inf']="Influenta politica"; $_REQUEST['RO']['pol_end']="Sustinerea politica"; $_REQUEST['RO']['ref_expl']="Copiaza link-ul de mai sus si trimite-l prietenilor sau posteza-l in locuri publice, unde esti autorizat sa o faci. Cei care se vor inregistra in joc utilizand link-ul tau, vor deveni afiliati. Vei primii o taxa pentru orice tip de venit avut de afiliati. Iti poti deasemenea vinde afiliatii."; // questions $_REQUEST['RO']['Q1']="Varsta, sex, locatie"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q2']="De unde ai auzit de CoinRepublik ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q3']="Cat de des joci CoinRepublik ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q4']="Unde lucrezi in viata reala ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q5']="La ce nivel esti cu Engleza ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q6']="Care este utima institutie de invatamant absolvita ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q7']="Ce aspecte din joc ar trebui inbunatatite ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q8']="Ai folosit vreodata un casino online ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q9']="Ai experienta in trading sau piete de capital ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['Q10']="Ai folosit vreodata o platforma de pariuri online ?"; $_REQUEST['RO']['no_answer']="de raspuns"; $_REQUEST['RO']['pending_review']="in revizuire"; $_REQUEST['RO']['aproved']="aprobat"; // Sub menus $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_following']="Urmariti"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_top_last_week']="Top saptamana trecuta"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_last_art']="Ultimele articole"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_trans']="Tranzactii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_div']="Dividende"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_holders']="Detinatori"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_market']="Piata"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_income']="Venituri"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_faq']="Intrebari frecvente"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_smart_contract']="Contract ethereum"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_token_status']="Status token"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_contract_status']="Status contract"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_contract_source']="Cod sursa contract"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_deposit_wth']="Depoziteaza / Retrage CRT"; $_REQUEST['RO']['smenu_sell_CRT']="Vinde CRT catre contract"; // Hints $_REQUEST['RO']['hint_int_art']="Articole internationale"; $_REQUEST['RO']['hint_loc_art']="Articole locale"; $_REQUEST['RO']['hint_my_art']="Articolele mele"; $_REQUEST['RO']['hint_write_art']="Scrie articol"; $_REQUEST['RO']['hint_insider']="Blog echipa"; // Modals $_REQUEST['RO']['modals_token_1']="Pentru a-ti vinde token-ul catre contract, trimite minim 0.01 CRT catre urmatoarea adresa Ethereum. Dupa ce tranzactia este confirmata de retea, vei primii automat contravaloarea in ETH."; $_REQUEST['RO']['modals_token_2']="Adresa de mai sus nu se schimba niciodata asa ca o poti retine. Poti retarge CRT din joc sau il poti cumpara in afara jocului"; // --------------------------------------------- Left Menu ------------------------------------------------ $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_press']="Presa"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_press_expl']="Lista articole"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_game_fund']="Fondul jocului"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_game_fund_expl']="Fondul jocului"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_token']="Token"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_token_expl']="CoinRepublik Token"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_fin_mkts']="Piata financiara"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_fin_mkts_expl']="Tranzactioneaza monezi"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_mes']="Mesaje"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_mes_expl']="Lista mesaje"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_ranks']="Clasament"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_ranks_expl']="Clasament jucatori"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_aff']="Afiliati"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_aff_expl']="Detalii afiliati"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_acc']="Contabilitate"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_acc_expl']="Lista tranzactii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_events']="Evenimente"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_events_expl']="Lista evenimente"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_set']="Setari"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_set_expl']="Setari cont"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_help']="Manual"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_help_expl']="Manual joc"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_assets']="Asset-uri"; $_REQUEST['RO']['menu_assets_expl']="Lista asset-uri"; // ---------------------------------------------------- Despre ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_despre_1']="1.1 Despre CoinRepublik"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_despre_2']="CoinRepublik este un joc de strategie browser unde moneda interna poate fi retrasa sub forma de bani reali. CoinRepublik poate fi jucat de pe orice calculator su dispozitiv mobil fara a fi nevoie sa descarci nimic. Jocul este un simulator economic, financiar si politic care imita o economie reala. Exista firme, locuri de munca, piete financiare si decizii politice, exact cum se intampla in realitate."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_despre_3']="Jocul ofera multiple posibilitati de a castiga bani reali si are integrate peste 50 de criptomonezi putand fi folosit si ca platforma de exchange, unde poti vinde / cumpara criptomonezi la preturile reale pietei. Deasemenea jucatorii pot specula pe preturile unor active financiare externe cum ar fi criptomonezile, piata forex sau metale pretioase in conditii exceptionale, cum ar fi un necesar de capital minim sau comisioane reduse. Spre exemplu, in CoinRepublik poti fara probleme sa incepi sa speculezi cu doar $0.01 spre deosebire de o platforma clasica de trade unde pozitia minima este de $5-$10."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_despre_4']="CoinRepublik este format din 7 module care sunt descrise pe larg in aceasta documentatie. Modulul general (presa, afiliati, piata financiara etc...), inventarul, zona de castiguri, piata de produse, zona de trade, zona economica si modulul politic. CoinRepublik ofera multiple posibilitati de a juca. Poti sa scrii articole sau poti chiar sa nu joci deloc ci doar sa tranzaction"; // ----------------------------------------------------- Indicatori de baza ------------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_1']="1.2 Indicatori de baza"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_2']="Toti cetatenii CoinRepublik au definiti un set de indicatori care iti arata cat de mult ai avansat in joc. Este vorba de energie, influenta politica, sustinere politica si experienta militara. Indicatorii cresc atunci cand faci anumite activitati sau consumi produse si scad la intervale regulate sau cand termini anumite sarcini."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_3']="Energia"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_4']="Energia este unul din cei mai importanti indicatori. Energia creste cand consumi produse cum ar fi tigarile sau mancarea si scade cand efectuezi anumite actiuni cum ar fi munca, scrierea unui articol, votul unui comentariu si tot asa. Chiar si cand navighezi pe site, pierzi 0.01 energie per pagina. Energia scade deasemenea cu 10% pe ora indiferent daca faci sau nu vreo activitate pentru jucatorii care au o energie mai mare de 10%. Pentru jucatorii cu energia sub 10% nu se aplica aceasta regula."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_5']="Pentru ca jucatorii care nu dispun de produse cum ar fi hainele sa nu se blocheze, energia creste pentru toti cetatenii cu 0.01 puncte pe minut indiferent daca esti sau nu logat in cont sau daca detii produse care iti cresc energia. Chiar daca esti incepator si ai inventarul gol, dupa 24 de ore vei avea 10 puncte de energie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_6']="Exista doua tipuri de produse care iti cresc energia. Produsele consumabile si bunurile de folosinta indelungata. Produsele consumabile sunt tigarile, mancarea si bautura. Dupa ce sunt cumparate de pe piata intra in inventar si pot fi consumate in maxim 10 zile inainte de a fi sterse. Orice produs consumabil trebuie folosit in primele 10 zile de la achizitie. In momentul consumului, energi iti creste instant iar produsul dispare din inventar."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_7']="Produsele de folosinta indelungata sunt hainele, bijuteriile, masinile si casele. Aceste produse iti ofera o cantitate fixa de energie in fiecare minut. Spre exemplu sosetele iti ofera 0.01 puncte / minut sau 0.6 puncte / ora la care se adauga bineintele cele 0.6 puncte gratuite acordate tuturor. Practici, o soseta iti poate duce energia la 12 puncte dupa doar 10 ore. Valoare maxima pe care o poate atinge energia este 100."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_8']="Guvernele pot recompensa cetatenii energie mare. Bonusul de energie se acorda tuturor cetatenilor cu profilul complet, in functie de cantitatea de energie pe care o au. Bonusul poate fi ridicat o data la 24 de ore."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_9']="Influenta politica"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_10']="Influenta politica este un alt indicator important. Influenta politica creste dupa fiecare punct de energie utilizat. Spre exemplu creste cu 5 puncte daca iti folosesti 5 puncte de energie muncind, cand votezi un comentariu sau pur si simplu in timp ce navighezi pe site. Influenta politica scade cu 1% in fiecare zi. Valoarea maxima pe care o poate atinge este 10.000 puncte."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_11']="Ca si in cazul energiei, guvernele recompenseaza cetatenii cu experienta politica prin bonusul de experienta politica. Bonusul poate fi ridicat la fiecare 24 de ore si depinde exclusiv de experienta politica pe care o ai."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_12']="Sustinerea politica"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_13']="Sustinerea politica este un indicator putin diferit. Nu creste sau scade la actiunile pe care le faci. Se modifica in functie de cati sustinatori politici ai. Orice jucator poate sustine politic pana la 3 alti utilizatori. Singura conditie este sa dispuna de o influenta politica de minim 1 iar cel pe care il sustin sa faca parte din acelasi partid politic."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_14']="Atunci cand sustii politic un alt membru de partid, influenta politica a respectivului membru creste in functie de influenta ta politica si numarul de candidati sustinuti. Spre exemplu, ai o influenta politica de 1000 puncte si sustii politic 2 membri de partid. Respectivi vor avea o sustinere politica mai mare cu 500 puncte fiecare. Daca ai sustine un singur coleg de partid, respectivul ar avea on influenta marita cu 1000 puncte."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_15']="Pe masura ce iti maresti influenta politica, creste si sustinerea politica a celor pe care i-ai votat. Nu te poti sustine politic pe tine insusti. Poti oricand sa nu mai sustii politic un alt jucator. In cazul in care parasesti partidul din care faci parte, atat influenta politica cat si sustinerea politica sunt resetate. Primii 10 jucatori cu cea mai mare sustinere politica formeaza congresul si pot propune / vota legi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_16']="Ca si in cazul energiei, guvernele recompenseaza cetatenii cu sustinere politica prin bonusul de sustinere politica. Bonusul poate fi ridicat la fiecare 24 de ore si depinde exclusiv de sustinerea politica pe care o ai."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_17']="Experienta militara"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_indicators_18']="Experienta militara este castigata doar in razboaie. Dupa fiecare lupta, infunctie de cate puncte de energie ai consumat, iti creste si experienta miilitara. Experienta militara scade cu 1% pe zi si este limitata la 10.000 puncte. La fel ca in cazul altor indicatori, exista un bonus guvernamental pe care il poti primii. Marimea bonusului depinde de cate puncte de experienta militara ai."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Presa ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_1']="1.3 Presa si comentariile"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_2']="Presa din CoinRepublik reprezinta un segment al jocului foarte important. In primul rand absolut toate articolele sunt scrise de jucatori si reprezinta continut original. Doar articolele care privesc CoinRepublik sunt acceptate, asa ca posibilitatea de a copia articole din exterior este exclusa."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_3']="Presa reprezinta un aspect foarte important si din cauza faptului ca reprezinta o sursa importanta de venit pentru autori. Toti autorii sunt platiti in functie de numarul de vizualizari / voturi pe care articolul lor il are. Deasemenea toti comentatorii la articole sunt deasemenea platiti cand primesc un vot."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_4']="Pentru a scrie un articol mergi in pagina Home si apasa tab-ul Scrie Articol. Poti formata un articol in mai multe moduri (scris ingrosat, culori la text etc...). In pagina de editare a unui articol sunt date toate informatii referitoare la formatare. Trebuie deasemenea sa mentonezi categoria din care face parte articolul. In CoinRepublik exista multiple categorii si trebuie sa te incadrezi la una din ele. Verifica cu atentie continutul unui articol deoarece odata scris nu mai poate fi modificat. Dupa ce trimiti un artiol spre aprobare, dureaza in jur de 24 de ore pentru a fi aprobat."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_5']="Exista doua tipuri de articole. Articolele locale care pot fi scrise in limba tarii in care locuiesti sau cele internationale, scrise in engleza. Articolele locale sunt vizibile doar de cetatenii tarii. Cele internationale sunt vizibile de catre toti jucatorii. Un articol nu expira niciodata doar caa pe masura ce trece timpul, o sa coboare mai jos in lista, dar teoretic poti primii bani in urma unui articol ani de zile dupa ce a fost scris mai ales daca il promovezi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_6']="Dupa cum am mentionat, autorii articolelor sunt platiti pentru eforul depus. In cazul articolelor internationale, autorul va primii $0.01 de la fondul jocului pentru fiecare citiro unic, iar pentru fiecare vot primit inca $0.01, pe termen nelimitat. Daca e bine promovat, un articol iti poate aduce bani mult timp. Bonusul este platit o singura data per cititor. Daca un jucator iti citeste articolul de 10 ori, vei fi platit doar o singura data. Deasemenea un jucator poate vota o singura data un articol."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_7']="Aceleasi reguli se aplica si in cazul articolelor locale, cu diferenta ca plata este facuta in moneda nationala iar banii sunt platiti de bugetul de stat, nu de fondul jocului. Pentru fiecare citior unic al unui articol, autorul va primi 0.01 moneda locala iar pentru fiecare vot inca 0.01. Ca si in cazul articolelor internationale, platile sunt facute pe loc."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_8']="Comentariile"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_9']="Nu doar autorii articolelor sunt recompensati, ci si autorii comentariilor. Un aspect important este ca jucatorii pot posta comentarii pentru mai multe categorii de continut nu doar pentru articole. Spre exemplu, se pot posta comentarii la profile, pariuri, tranzactii, etc... Toate comentariile sunt tratate la fel. Pentru fiecare vot, autorul va primii 0.01 moneda nationala. Bonusul este platit de bugetul de stat."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_presa_10']="Spre deosebire de articole, comentariile vor fi vizibile imediat pe website si sunt revizuite de echipa in ordinea postarii. In cazul in care post-ul este in afara subiectului sau reprezinta spam vei fi avertizat. La mai mult de 3 avertismente, iti vei pierde dreptul de a mai posta comentarii."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Piata financiara ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_1']="1.4 Piata financiara"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_2']="In CoinRepublik exista trei tipuri de monezi in circultie. USD, criptomonezi si monezile nationale. Atat USD cat si monezile nationale pot fi depuse sau retrase din joc. Monezile nationale circula doar in cadrul jocului si pot fi cumparate sau vandute pentru USD prin intermediul pietei financiare."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_3']="Pentru fiecare tara in parte exista o moneda nationala cu exceptia tarilor care impart aceeasi moneda cum ar fi EURO. Pentru fiecare moneda in parte exista o piata financiara diferita si un curs diferit fata de USD. Exista astfel peste 150 de piete financiare diferite."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_4']="Nu confunda moneda nationala USD cu moneda USD care poate fi retrasa in bani reali. Moneda USD nationala poate fi schimbata pentru doar 0.01 USD si nu poate fi retrasa in bani reali."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_5']="Scopul pietei financiare este de a permite jucatorilor schimbul rapid intre USD real si monezile nationale sau invers. Pe piata financiara poti vinde USD real pentru orice moneda nationala sau poti cumpara USD real cu monezi nationale. Este o facilitate foarte importanta mai ales pentru cei care au primit taxe de la afiliati in monezi nationale si doresc sa le schimbe in USD reali. Nu doar jucatorii au acces la aceasta piata ci si guvernele care pot vinde sau cumpara USD real."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_6']="Inca un aspect important al pietei este modul in care se modifica cursul de schimb. Piata financiara este ceea ce numim in joc o piata automata. Intr-o piata automata pretul creste / descreste automat dupa fiecare tranzactie. In cazul pietei financiare pentru fiecare USD cumparat, pretul creste cu 0.01 iar pentru fiecare USD vandut, pretul scade cu 0.01. Se pot vinde si cantitati subunitare caz in care pretul se modifica in concordatnta. Spre exemplu, pentru fiecare 0.01 USD vandut, pretul scade cu 0.0001."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_7']="Tranzactiile pe piata financiara implica o taxa de 1%. Atunci cand cumperi USD, vei plati taxa catre fondul jocului. Atunci cand vinzi USD vei plati taxa catre bugetul de stat."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_piata_financiara_8']="Pentru a accesa piata financiara mergi pe pagina Piata Financiara din sectiunea Home. Acolo poti alege ce moneda sa tranzactionezi. Cantitatea minima care poate fi tranzactionata este de 0.01 USD. Mergi in zona de inventar / monezi pentru a vedea noua balanta pe care o detii (pentru monezile nationale)."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Fondul jocului ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_1']="1.5 Fondul jocului"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_2']="Spre deosebire de alte jocuri unde toate avantajele pe care le cumpara jucatorii merg catre echioa, in CoinRepulik aceste plati merg catre un fond numit fondul jocului. Odata ajunsi in fondul jocului, banii sunt platiti odata la 10 zile catre un contract Ethereum de unde pot fi retrasi 24 ore / 7 zile de actionarii CoinRepublik. Pe langa echipa actionarii CoinRepublik sunt chiar jucatorii. Poti oricand sa devii actionar daca detii CoinRepublik Tokens (CRT). Pentru mai multe detalii privind token-ul CRT mergi la rubrica urmatoare din help."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_3']="Fondul jocului incaseaza doar USD. Taxele in monede nationale sunt trimise exclusiv catre bugetele de stat. Fondul jocului este golit pe data de 10, 20 si 30 a fiecarei luni."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_4']="Fondul jocului incaseaza bani din foarte multe locuri, cum ar fi tranzactiile pe piata financiara, deschiderea de firme, a locurilor de munca si multe altele. Mai jos este prezentata o radiografie a tipurilor de incasari. Pentru a vedea situatia la zi a incasarilor si platilor mergi la rubrica Home / Fondul jocului. Acolo poti vedea balanta actuala si ultimele tranzactii efectuate de fond."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_5']="Taxa pe tranzactiile pe piata financiara"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_6']="Taxa jucator premium"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_7']="Taxa deschidere companie"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_8']="Taxa pe deschiderea unui loc de munca"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_9']="Taxa pe inchirierea de licente"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_10']="Taxa pe profiturile obtinute din imprumuturi in USD"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_11']="Taxa pe profiturile obtinute din tranzactiile in marja"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_12']="Taxa pe profiturile obtinute din optiuni"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_13']="Taxa pe profiturile obtinute din pariuri financiare"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_14']="Taxa pe profiturile obtinute din pariuri"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_15']="Taxa pe retargerile de criptomonezi"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_16']="Taxa pe retargerile de bani prin reseleri"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_17']="Fondul jocului are deasemenea cheltuieli cum ar fi bonusul platit autorilor de articole sau comisioanele platite reseler-ilor. Mai jos este prezentata lista detaliata. Orice balanta care ramane in fond la data de 10, 20 sau 30 ale lunii este trimisa catre contractul CRT."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_18']="Bonusul cititor articol international"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_19']="Bonus vot articol international"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_fondul_jocului_20']="Bonus reseleri"; // ---------------------------------------------------- Tokenul CoinRepublik ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_1']="1.6 CoinRepublik Token"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_2']="CoinRepublik Token (CRT) este un token Ethereum (ERC20) care reprezinta o bucatica din CoinRepublik. Detinatorii sunt numiti actionari si vor primii dividende de 3 ori pe luna. Numarul maxim de CRT este limitat la 50.000. Vorbim de numarul maxim deoarece cantitatea de CRT creste cu 1 CRT in fiecare ora. Cand va ajunge la 50.000 nici o actiune nu va mai fi generata."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_3']="Ca orice token, CRT are in spate un contract (un script) care ruleaza autonom pe reteaua Ethereum. Contractul are doua sarcini esentiale. Prima este sa asigure transferul de token-uri de la o adresa la alta iar a doua sarcina este sa cumpere orice cantitate de CRT de la actionari la orice ora din zi sau noapte. Pretul la care cumpara CRT variaza in functie de balanta contractului si cantitatea de token in circulatie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_4']="Toate rascumpararile facute de contract sunt in ETH, una din cele mai lichide criptomonezi din lume. Balanta fondului este mentinuta exclusiv in ETH."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_5']="Contractul din spatele CRT dispune de propriile fonduri pe care le foloseste practic pentru a garanta valoarea unui token. Fondurile contractului nu pot fi retarse decat prin vanzarea de token-uri catre contract. Nu exista nici o alta posibilitate de a retrage acele fonduri. Echipa nu are absolut nici un control asupra lor. Codul sursa al contractului CRT este pulic, imutabil si in afara oricarei influente exterioare. Fondurile din contract reprezinta garantia ca indiferent ce se intampla cu echipa de admini / serverele / angajatii CoinRepublik, actionarii vor putea sa isi vanda actiunile la pretul corect."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_6']="Fondurile contractului vin exclusiv din platile facute de fondul jocului. Banii fondului sunt transformati in ETH iar monezile livrate catre contract, de 3 ori pe luna. Odata ajunsi in contract, banii pot fi folositi exclusiv pentru a rascumpara CRT de la actionari. Incasarile contractului depind exclusiv de incasarile fondului si pot varia in timp."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_7']=" Deoarece balanta contractului este pastrata in ETH, valoare unui CRT exprimata in USD ar putea varia in sus sau in jos zilnic. Valoare unui token in ETH tinde sa creasca in timp."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_8']="Procesul de rascumparare este banal. In primul rand trebuie sa retii ca pentru a vinde CRT catre contract, trebuie mai intai sa-i retragi intr-un portofel compatibil cum ar fi Atomic. Odata ce dispui de CRT in portofelul propriu, tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa trimiti monezile catre adresa 0x146645FbC468Ad34464240Cd494e4F4cD84a120b."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_9']="In momentul in care tranzactia este procesata de retea, vei primii automat contravaloarea in ETH a monezilor trimise. Valoarea de reascumparare se calculeaza dupa formula V=F / Q, unde F reprezinta fondurile in ETH pe care le detine contractul iar Q cantitatea totala de CRT in circulatie. Daca spre exemplu fondul dispune de 10 ETH iar in circulatie se afla 1000 CRT, pentru fiecare CRT contractul iti va trimite 0.01 ETH"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_10']="Pentru a cumpara CRT poti apela la piata interna din CoinRepublik sau poti cumpara in mod direct de la alti detinatori in afara jocului. Piata interna a jocului se gaseste in zona Home / Token. Iti poti pastra token-ul in joc dar cea mai buna solutie pe termen lung este sa-l retragi in portofelul propriu. Pentru a retrage CRT mergi la inventar / criptomonezi si initiaza o cerere de retragere. La retragerile de criptomonezi se percepe o taxa fixa de $1."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_11']="Nu toate portofelele accepta tranzactiile cu token-uri. Ai grija ce portofel folosesti pentru a evita pierderile. Recomandam Atomic wallet dar poti folosi orice alt portofel compatibil."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_12']="Un aspect foarte important este cum variaza cantitatea totala de CRT. Cantitatea in circulatie creste cu 1 CRT pe ora dar poate sa si scada. Atunci cand contractul rascumpara monezi de la actionari, respectivele monezi sunt distruse iar cantitatea totala de CRT scade. In acest fel indiferent de cate monezi vinde cineva, pretul in ETH al unui token va ramane neclintit. Sa luam un exemplu : sa presupunem ca in circulatie exista 1000 CRT, iar contractul detine 10 ETH. Pretul de rascumparare este prin urmare 0.01 ETH / CRT. Un actionar mare vinde brusc 500 CRT. Balanta contractului se reduce cu 5 ETH dar in acelasi timp cantitatea totala de CRT scade la 500. Noul pret de rascumparare ramane neschimbat la 0.01 ETH. Acest mecanism garanteaza valoarea CRT chiar daca o cantitate mare de token-uri este brusc vanduta."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_token_13']="In concluzie valoarea unui token exprimata in ETH scade doar atunci cand se genereaza token-uri noi, creste doar cand cand echipa trimite fonduri catre contract si ramane stabila cand token-urile sunt rascumparate de contract. In mod normal tendinta pe termen lung este de crestere a pretului in ETH deoarece echipa face plati de 3 ori pe luna. Valoarea unui token exprimata in USD poate varia foarte mult pe parcursul zilei deoarece valoarea ETH variaza iar fondul detine exclusiv ETH."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Afiliati ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_1']="1.7 Afiliatii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_2']="Sistemul de afiliati din CoinRepublik este o sursa excelenta de venituri. Un afiliat este practic un jucator care s-a inscris in CoinRepublik folosind link-ul tau de afiliat. Toti jucatorii dispun de un lin de afiliat care poate fi gasit in sectiunea Home / afiliati. Atunci cand cineva face click pe acel link si isi deschide un cont in joc devine automat afiliatul tau."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_3']="Afiliatii reprezinta o sursa de venituri deoarece iti platesc o taxa de minim 5% din absolut orice castig fie ca este vorba de munca sau castiguri din trading. Singurii afiliati care nu iti platesc taxe sunt afiliatii care au calitatea de cetatean premium. Cetatenii premium nu platesc taxe dar in schimb vei primii un bonus de 25% din taxa de $10 pe care o platesc lunar, adica $2.5 / luna."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_4']="Pentru a-ti usura munca de promovare am pregatit multiple banere profesionale pe care le poti gasi in zona de afiliati. Le poti folosi gratuit oriunde doresti."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_5']="Cea mai buna metoda de a obtine afiliati noi este sa trimiti link-ul personal catre prieteni sau sa-l postezi in locuri unde esti autorizat sa o faci cum ar fi forum-urile, zona de comentarii, blog-uri etc. Poti deasemenea sa platesti publicitate daca vrei sa obtii trafic de calitate. Indiferent de metoda pe care o alegi, ai acces in timp real la statistici si poti vedea in orice secunds cati vizitatori / signup-uri ai avut intr-o anumita zi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_6']="O alta metoda excelenta de a monetiza afiliatii este piata de afiliati. Orice jucator afiliat care respecta anumite conditii poate fi pus in vanzare. Conditiile sunt profilul complet, activitate zilnica in ultimele 10 de zile si minim 20 de zile active in ultima luna. Pentru a pune in vanzare un afiliat, mergi in lista si apasa butnul schimba pret din dreptul user-ului."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_afiliati_7']="Suntem constienti ca pe piata de afiliati pot fi tranzactionate si 'clone' care devin inactive imediat ce au fost vandute. Moderatorii supravegheaza zilnic piata si tranzactiile."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Profil ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_profil_1']="1.8 Profilul personal"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_profil_2']="Profilul personal consta intr-o lista de 10 raspunsuri si 10 poze uploadate. Sunt doua motive pentru a-ti completa profilul personal. Primul este ca in acest fel te faci cunoscut in comunitate iar al doi-lea sunt bonusurile guvernamentale. Doar cetatenii cu profilul complet au acces la respectivele bonusuri. Este vorba de cele 5 bonusuri oferite de guverne : bonusul de energie, afiliati, influenta politica, sustinere politica si experienta militara."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_profil_3']="Completarea profilului se face din zona setari si nu dureaza mai mult de 5 minute. Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa completezi un formular cu 10 intrebari si sa uploadezi 10 poze personale unde fata este vizibila. Absolut toate profilele sunt manual verificate. Profilele care consideram ca nu sunt reale vor fi respinse."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_profil_4']=" In cazul pozelor folosim servicii externe pentru a detecta pozele copiate. Daca pozele postate nu iti apartin, moderatorii iti pot bloca completarea profilului pentru 3 luni."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Cetatenii premium ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_1']="1.9 Cetatenii premium"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_2']="Cetatenii premium sunt utilizatori care au cumparat optiunea de la fondul jocului. Aceasta optiune costa $10 / luna si aduce o serie de avantaje deloc neglijabile. Mai jos este prezentata lista :"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_3']="Cetatenii premium nu platesc taxe nici catre buget, nici catre refereri, nici catre fondul jocului"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_4']="Cetatenii premium primesc un afiliat gratuit in fiecare zi. Afiliatul este ales aleator din jucatorii cei care s-au inscris in ultima saptamana si nu dispun de un referer."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_5']="Bonusurile pentru energie, afiliati, influenta politica, sustinere politica si influenta militare sunt cu 100% mai mari decat la un cetatean obisnuit."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_6']="Cetatenii premium primesc 25 puncte de energie gratuit pe zi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_7']="Cetatenii premium primesc 0.01 CRT / zi gratuit"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_8']="Cetatenii premium primesc 0.01 bonduri de trezorerie in fiecare zi. Bondurile sunt pentru tara in care sunt cetateni."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_9']="Cetatenii premium calatoresc gratuit oriunde fara nici o pierdere de energie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_10']="Cetatenii premium nu au nevoie de profil complet pentru a accesa bonusurile guvernamentale."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_11']="Pentru a deveni cetaten premium apasa icoana corespunzatoare aflata in meniul din partea dreapta a fiecarei pagini. Poti cumpara acest drept intre 1 si 12 luni, cu un discount intre 10% si 30%, in cazul in care cumperi abonamentul pe minim 3 luni."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_premium_12']="Statutul de cetatean premium poate fi dobandit si jucand la unua din faucet-urile din joc. Acolo poti usor castiga aceasta calitate pe 24 de ore. Merita incercat."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Calatoriile / cetatenia ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_1']="1.10 Calatoriile si cetatenia"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_2']="Atunci cand te inscrii in joc esti automat repartizat in tara unde esti localizat in realitate la momentul deschiderii contuui. Daca te afli in Indonesia, vei primii cetatenie Indonesiana. Toti jucatorii dispun de o cetatenie. Cetatenia poate fi schimbata oricum dar exista anumite penalitati pentru asta si este un lucru la care trebuie sa te gandesti cu atentie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_3']="Deoarece nu toate tarile au aceeasi structura de bonusuri si taxe iar unele tari merg pe ideea de taxe zero, este normal sa vrei sa iti schimbi cetatenia. Schimbarea cetateniei se poate face instant. Singura conditie este sa te deplasezi in noua ta tara si sa apesi butonul schimba cetatenia din zona de setari (Home / setari / securitate / optiuni). Atunci cand iti schimbi cetatenia, influenta politica impreuna cu sustinerea politica sunt resetate la zero. Este un aspect foarte important deoarece prin schimbarea cetateniei ai putea sa pierzi tot progresul pe care l-ai facut in joc. Recomandam schimbarea cetateniei doar in prima luna si doar in cazuri speciale."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_4']="Fara resetarea influentei si sustinerii politice, un grup de jucatori cu influenta politica foarte mare ar putea usor sa preia conducerea altei tari prin simpla schimbare a cetateniei."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_5']="Cetatenii pot calatorii in orice tara fara nici o restrictie. Calatoriile sunt necesare atat in scopuri economice (deschiderea unei companii sau a unei sucursale) cat si in scopuri militare (comasarea de trupe inaintea unui atac). Pentru a calatorii in alta tara ai nevoie de tichete de calatorie. In functie de distanta parcurs ai putea avea nevoie de pana la 10 tichete. La fiecare 1000 de km parcursi este consumat un tichet de calatorie. Deasemenea pentru fiecare 100 km parcursi vei consuma de 1 punct de energie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_6']="Un aspect important este ca cetatenii straini nu au acces la piata de produse dintr-o tara in care s-au deplasat. Nu poti merge din UK in Spania pentru a cumpara produse local. Poti doar sa inchiriezi case sau masini. In momentul in care parasesti tara contractele de inchiriere pentru case si masini sunt suspendate. Deasemenea cat timp te afli intr-o tara straina nu vei mai primii energie pentru masina si casa pe care le detii / le-ai inchiriat in tara unde esti cetatean. Daca esti cetatean in Malaesia si te deplasezi in China, cat timp te afli in china nu mai primesti bonusul de energie pentru detinerea / inchirierea masinilor sau a caselor din Malaesia."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_general_travel_7']="Distantele intre tari sunt calculate in functie de distantele in lumea reala. Spre exemplu, in CoinRepublik UK se afla fata de US la 7000 km adica aproximativ aceeasi distanta ca in realitate."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Monezi ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_1']="2.1 Monezi"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_2']="In CoinRepubik exista 3 tipuri de monezi in circulatie. USD, criptomonezi si monezi nationale. USD si criptomonezile pot fi retrase si depuse. Monezile nationale pot fi folosite doar in cadrul economiilor locale dar pot fi cumparate / vandute pentru USD utilizand piata financiara. Pentru a-ti verifica lista de balante mergi la zona de Inventar."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_3']="USD"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_4']="Cea mai importanta moneda din joc este USD virtual. 1 USD virtual poate fi retras pentru 1 USD real. Deasemenea poti depune USD reali si vei primii in joc USD virtual. Poti depune USD real utilizand mai multe metode cum ar fi transferul bancar, Neteller sau reselerii care la randul lor ofera o gama larga de instrumente de plata. Cu USD virtuali poti deasemenea sa cumperi monezi nationale. O alta metoda de a obtine USD este de a vinde criptomonezi la pretul pietei."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_5']="Criptomonezile"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_6']="Criptomonezile sunt deasemenea monezi larg folosite in joc. In momentul asta sunt peste 20 de criptomonezi disponiile dar lista este in continua extindere. Criptomonezile pot fi depuse si retrase in criptomonezi reale la rata de 1:1 exact ca si USD. Spre deosebire de USD, depunerea si retragerea de criptomonezi se face doar prin intermediul CoinRepublik. Nu poti folosi reselerii pentru aceasta operatie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_7']="Depunerile de criptomonezi sunt facute automat fara interventia echipei. Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa trimiti o anumita suma catre adresele noastre. Toate depunerile sunt instante si nu necesita confirmari daca suma este de sub 100 USD sau 1 confirmare in caz contrar. Pentru a depune / retrage criptomonezi foloseste butonul din dreptul unei monezi pentru a selecta operatiunea."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_8']="Criptomonezile pot fi deasemenea vandute / cumparate pentru USD. Schimbul este instant si se face la pretul pietei, fara comisioane directe. Intre pretul de vanzare si cumparare exista totusi o diferenta numita spread, diferenta care exista pe orice exchange."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_9']="Monezile locale"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_10']="Fiecare tara din CoinRepublik dispune de propria moneda. Exista insa si grupuri de tari care folosesc aceeasi monedaa cum ar fi tarile din blocul UE. Monezile locale pot fi folosite exclusiv pentru a cumpara produse locale. Deasemenea bonusurile guvernamentale sunt primite in moneda locala, Poti folosi piata financiara pentru a cumpara USD pentru o moneda locala."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_11']="Nu confunda moneda nationala a SUA (USD) cu moneda USD care poate fi retrasa in bani reali. Moneda USD nationala poate fi schimbata pentru doar 0.01 USD si nu poate fi retrasa in bani reali."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_monezi_12']="In rubrica inventar poti vedea lista de monezi locale disponibile. Deoarece afiliatii isi platesc taxele in moneda locala este posibil sa ai balante pozitive in mai multe monezi fara sa fii facut vreo operatiune de cumparare."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Produse ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_1']="2.2 Produse"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_2']="CoinRepublik dispune de zeci de tipuri de produse. Multe cum sunt materiile prime sunt folosite pentru a produce alte tipuri de produse. O alta parte din produse sunt folosite de cetateni pentru a-si mari energia. Chiar si produsele care iti dau energie sunt impartite in doua mari categorii : consumabilele adica produsele care odata consumate dispar din inventar cum ar fi mancare sau bautura si produse care atunci cand sunt folosite iti dau o mica cantitate de energie in fiecare minut un anumit timp. In aceasta categorie intra hainele, bijuteriile, masinile si casele Lista cu produsele pe care le detii o gasesti in rubrica Inventar / produse."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_3']="Produsele consumabile"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_4']="In categoria produselor consumabile intra tigarile, bautura, mancare si vinul. Produsele consumabile iti ofera instant energie dar odata consumate dispar din inventar. Fiecare produs iti ofera o anumita cantitate de energie (intre 1 si 10 puncte). Deasemenea produsele consumabile au termene de garantie. Retine ca mancarea expira dupa 10 zile daca nu este consumata. Restul de produse pot fi tinute in inventar pe termen nelimitat. Pentru a consuma un produs foloseste rubrica inventar / produse."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_5']="Vinul este un produs special. Spre deosebire de tigari sau bautura care iti dau aceeasi energie in timp, energia pe care ti-o da vinul creste in fiecare minut cu 0.0002 (0.28 puncte / zi, 8.4 puncte / luna, 100 puncte / an). Initial vinul iti da doar 1 punct de energie. Nici un cetatean nu poate detine mai mult de 30 sticle de vin in inventar."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_6']="Produsele de folosinta indelungata"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_7']="In categoria produselor de folosinta indelungata intra hainele, bijuteriile, masinile si casele. Aceste produse iti ofera un anumit bonus fix de energie in fiecare minut atunci cand sunt folosite."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_8']="Simpla achizitie a unui produs de folosinta indelungata nu iti creste energia. Trebuie sa-l folosesti mai intai. Mergi in rubrica inventar si apasa butonul foloseste din dreptul produsului."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_9']="Bonusul acordat de aceste produse este fixat la 0.01 / minut. Diferenta intre produse o face durata de viata. Spre exemplu sosetele expira dupa doar 5 zile, in timp ce un palton dupa 30 zile. Uzura produselor incepe in momentul in care iti intra in inventar chiar daca sunt sau nu folosite. Informatiile privind durata de viata si energia acordata de produse o gaasesti in pagina de piata corespunzatoare sau in inventar"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_10']="Produsele pot fi achizitionate din pagina de piata pentru moneda nationala. La respectiva piata au acces doua categorii de comercianti. Utilizatoii care pot doar sa cumpere si firmele producatoare care pot doar sa vanda."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_produse_11']="Tine cont ca atunci cand te afli in alta tara nu ai acces la piata locala de produse care iti ofera energie chiar daca dispui de bani. Doar firmele de import-export pot cumpara aceste produse."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Actiuni ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_actiuni_1']="2.3 Actiuni"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_actiuni_2']="Actiunile la firme sunt o forma excelenta de investitie. Orice companie deschisa are initial 1000 de actiuni. 100 din ele sunt proprietatea fondului de joc care le pune imediat in vanzare la diferse categorii de pret. Restul de 900 trec la proprietar. Atunci cand proprietarul retrage profitul dintr-o companie, banii sunt automat impartiti intre actionarii companiei."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_actiuni_3']="Pentru a vedea lista actiunilor pe care le detii mergi la rubrica inventar / actiuni. Tot acolo poti vedea lista cu ultimele dividende pe care le-ai primit dar si lista cu ultimele dividende acordate de firme in general. Deoarece actiunile se cumpara in USD poti sa cumperi actiuni la orice companie din orice tara."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_actiuni_4']="Piata pe care se tranzactioneaza actiunile nu este o piata automata. Asta inseamna ca cineva va trebui sa vanda sau sa cumpere o anumita actiune."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Obligatiuni ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_1']="2.4 Obligatiuni"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_2']="Asa cum actiunile reprezinta o parte din profitul companiilor, obligatiunile guvernamentale reprezinta o parte din profiturile guvernelor. Fiecare guvern in parte dispune de obligatiuni guvernamentale. 25% din incasarile bugetelor de stat merg catre un fond numit fondul de garantare al obligatiunilor care va fi folosit pentru a rascumpara orice cantitate de obligatiunile de la detinatorii. Exista doua aspecte foarte importante cand vine vorba de obligatiuni."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_3']="In primul rand obligatiunile sunt generate in ritmul de 0.1 / ora si distribuite prin intermediul faucet-ului oficial, adica pot fi castigate la pacanele. Asta este singura forma de distributie initiala. Pot fi deasemenea cumparate de la alti jucatori. Odata ce ai castigat un bond (sau o fractiune) ai doua optiuni sa il transformi in bani. Folosesti fondul de garantare al obligatiunile care iti va plati pe loc contravaloarea lui sau il pui pe piata la un pret mai mare si astepti un cumparator."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_4']="Deoarece rata de generare a bond-urilor este de 0.1 / ora iar fondul de garantare incaseaza bani in fiecare zi, in tarile active valoarea unei obligatiunile va tinde sa creasca in timp."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_5']="Pretul la care fondul rascumpara obligatiuni este in functie de fondurile fondului de garantare si de cantitatea totala de bond-uri in circulatie. Daca fondul detine spre exemplu $800 si in circulatie se afla 1600 obligatiuni, fondul va plati $0.5 per obligatiune. Bineinteles ca poti vinde si fractiuni dar nu mai putin de 0.01. Fondul de garantare este alimentat dupa fiecare incasare a bugetului cu 25% din suma incasata. In cazul monezilor locale, la intervale regulate se va face conversia in USD. Toate platile fondului sunt in USD."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_6']="Un alt aspect important in ceea ce priveste obligatiunile este faptul ca atunci cand un utilizator apeleaza la fondul de garantare pentru a fi platit, cantitatea de bond-uri vanduta este stearsa din sistem, adica totalul cantitatii de obligatiuni din piata scade, exact cum se intampla cu CoinRepublik Token (CRT)."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_7']="Daca fondul de garantare al unei tari creste la peste $1000, atunci fond-urile vor fi mutate intr-un contract Ethereum, identic ca structura cu contractul care administreaza CoinRepublik Token, iar obligatiunile respectiv va avea o viata proprie in afara jocului, putand fi tranzactionat oriunde. De aemenea fondul de garantare va deveni extern si va avea aceleasi reguli ca fondul care administreaza CRT cu diferenta ca rata de creare a unei obligatiunile-token va fi de 0.1 / ora."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_inventar_obligatiuni_8']="Obligatiunile nu-ti dau nici un drept in guvernul local. Pentru a participa la viata politica trebuie sa te inscrii intr-un partid si sa obtii sustinerea colegilor."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Locuri de munca ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_1']="3.1 Locuri de munca"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_2']="Locurile de munca la companii reprezinta o sursa sigura si facila de venit zilnica. Pentru a produce bunuri, companiile au nevoie de materii prime, utilaje si forta de munca. Companiile obtin fora de munca prin intermediul locurilor de munca care pot fi ocupate de utilizatori. Companiile pot seta un salariu per ora. Atunci cand muncesti, companiile consuma materii prime, isi folosesc utilajele si genereaza produse finite."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_3']="Atunci cand ocupi un loc de munca esti platit in functie de timpul pe care l-ai muncit, iar timpul pe care il poti aloca muncii depinde exclusiv de nivelul de energie pe care il ai. Fiecare punct de enrgie iti permite sa muncesti 5 minute. 12 puncte de energie iti permit sa lucrezi o ora."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_4']="Salariile sunt platite in moneda nationala a tarii in care este deschisa compania. Doar cetatenii tarii au acces la locurile de munca locale."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_5']="Salariile sunt impozabile. Asta inseaamna ca vei plati un impozit atat bugetuluyi de stat cat si celui care te-a referit in joc. Taxele catre buget variaza de la tara la tara si variaza intr 0 si 10%. Taxele catre referer sunt fixate la 5%. Energia pe care o consumi muncind iti aduce atat castiguri in bani cat si o influenta politica marita. Pentru fiecare punct de energie consumat la munca vei primi 1 punct de influenta politica."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_6']="Pentru a munci mergi in pagina Castiguri / Locuri de munca. Acolo sunt afisate locurile de munca disponibile in ordinea salariului per ora. Un loc de munca poate fi ocupat de un singur utilizator in acelasi timp. Iti poti alege durata pe care vrei sa o petreci muncind (intre 5 minute si 8 ore)."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_munca_7']=" Poti munci maxim 8 ore pe zi. In timp ce muncesti nu poti incepe un proces nou de munca si nu te poti parasi tara, administra companii, etc..."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Jocuri de noroc ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_faucet_1']="3.2 Jocuri de noroc"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_faucet_2']="Nu doar muncind poti obtine bani. La jocurile de noroc oferite de guvern poti deasemenea castiga atat bani cat si alte premii cum ar fi energie, dreptul de a fi cetatean premium pentru 24 de ore, bond-uri, etc. Jocurile de noroc sunt oferite de guverne. Premiile in bani sunt platite de bugetul de stat. Restul de premii cum sunt bond-urile sau tichetele de calatorie sunt oferite de joc."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_faucet_3']="Un alt aspect important la jocurile de noroc este ca nu ai nevoie de bani pentru a juca ci de energie. Fiecare 'roll'' iti va consuma intre 0.25 si 10 puncte de energie. Consumul de enrgie depinde de masina la care joci. La masinile care ofera premii cum sunt casele, consumul de energie per 'roll'' este mai mare. Citeste cu atenti necesarul de eenrgie al jocului inainte de a incepe."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_faucet_4']="Anumite produse cum ar fi tichetele de calatorie sau bond-urile guvernamentale sunt generate exclusiv prin intermediul jocurilor de noroc. Tichetele de calatorie nu pot fi produse de companii."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_faucet_5']="Castigurile in bani din jocurile de noroc sunt impozabile doar de catre referer, care va primii o taxa fixa de 10% din ce castigi. Bugetele de stat nu impoziteaza aceasta activitate pentru ca ele sunt cele care asigura premiile."; // ---------------------------------------------------- Retele sociale ----------------------------------------------- $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_1']="3.3 Retele sociale"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_2']="Daca dispui de un cont pe Facebook, Twitter sau alte retele sociale pot otine venituri in plus. Exista companii care vor sa te plateasca pentru un 'share' pe Facebook sau un 'follow' pe Twitter. CoinRepublik ofera oricui posibilitatea de a lansa sau participa la o campanie de publicitate sociala."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_3']="Exista mai multe platforme pe care se poate face publicitate. Acestea includ marile retele cum ar fi Facebook sau Twitter dar poti fi platit si pentru postari pe forumuri sau blog-uri. Conditiile pentru a fi platit si multe alte detalii le poti gasi in pagina de prezentare a campaniei. In general va trebui sa faci anumite actiuni pentru a fi platit dupa cum urmeaza."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_4']="Faceook : in general ti se va cere sa dai like si share la pagina celui care a lansat campania. Unii ar putea sa ceara sa apesi si butonu 'follow''."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_5']="Twitter : Va trebui sa devii follow-er al unei anumite pagini. Unii advertiseri iti vor cere chiar sa postezi un mesaj pe contu tau."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_6']="Telegram : in general ti se va cere sa te inscrii in grupul oficial de chat al organizatorului."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_7']="YouTube : Va trebui sa devii follower al uni canal YouTube. In cazuri mai rare organizatorul ar putea sa-ti ceara sa postezi un video original (in cazul asta comisionul este mult mai mare)."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_8']="Postari forum-uri : in general ti se va cere sa postezi un mesaj pe forum-uri alese de tine sa de organizator."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_9']="Participand la campaniile de publicitate sociala, poti fi platit atat in USD cat si in criptomonezi. Este la latitudinea organizatorului sa aleaga moneda in care plateste participantii."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_10']="Indiferent de platforma sau conditii, dupa ce executi sarcina va trebui sa iti ceri si banii. Pentru a-ti cere banii mergi in pagina de prezentare a campaniei si apasa butonul 'Solicita plata'. Va trebui sa furnizezi adresa de Faceook, Twitter , contul de Telegram sau alte detalii in functie de cerintele organizatorului. Dupa ce organizatorul primeste cererea ta si o analizeaza, va aproba si plata. Organizatorii pot respinge o cerere daca nu ai indeplinit conditiile cerute."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_11']="Nu toti userii sunt platiti la fel. Organizatorii specifica o suma pe care sunt dispusi sa o plateasca in functie de cat de vizibila este pagina ta de Facebook sau numarul de follow-eri Twitter pe care ii ai. Un utilizator care are o pagina de Facebook cu 1000 de prieteni va primii mai multi bani decat unul care are doar 100. Dar acestea sunt detalii care tin excluvi de organizator."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_12']="Veniturile din campaniile de pulicitate sociala sunt impozitate atat de bugetul de stat cat si de referer. Bugetul de stat va primii intre 0% si 10% iar referer-ul tau 5% din ce incasezi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_13']="Lansarea unei campanii de publictate sociala este gratuita si se face in doi pasi. In primul rand trebuie sa specifici cateva date despre compania / produsul pe care doresti sa il promovezi. O poti face apasand butonul 'Creaza profil companie' din pagina Castiguri / Retele sociale. Va trebui sa furnizezi informatii generale, cum ar fi numele companiei, sigla, descrierea, profilele sociale, etc."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_14']="Odata ce profilul a fost setat, poti trece la definirea unei campanii, prin completarea urmatorului formular."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_15']="Profilul companiei"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_16']="Poti avea mai multe profile definite. Trebuie sa specifici pentru ce profil doresti sa faci reclama."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_17']="Platforma"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_18']="Platforma sociala pe care se va desfasura campania. Poti alege din peste 1o platforme."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_19']="Numar minim prieteni"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_20']="Numarul minim de prieteni / followeri pe care un utilizator are nevoie sa-l detina pentru a putea participa la campanie."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_21']="Tipul monezii"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_22']="Tipul monezii in care se va face plata. Poti alege intre USD si criptomonezi."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_23']="Moneda plata"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_24']="Moneda in care se va face plata. In cazul criptomonezilor sunt peste 30 de variante."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_25']="Plata / prieten"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_26']="Cat esti dispus sa platesti pe prieten / folower / actiune. Nu toate conturile sociale ale participantilor sunt la fel de populare. Unii participanti ar putea avea 25 de prieteni pe Facebook iar altii 25.000 ceea ce are un efect direct asupra eficientei campaniei."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_27']="Buget"; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_28']="Specifica bugetul campaniei. Bugetul initial poate fi marit ulterior. Suma va fi retrasa din contul tau si toate platile vor fi efectuate din acest buget. In cazul in care renunti la campanie, vei primii inapoi fondurile nefolosite."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_29']="Toate campaniile noi trebuie revizuite si aprobate de echipa. Procesul dureaza maxim 24 de ore, din momentul in care lansezi campania."; $_REQUEST['RO']['manual_castiguri_social_30']="Dupa ce campania a fost aprobata si apar primele cereri de plata poti trece la verificarea lor. Poti aproba / respinge orice cerere primita. Ai posibilitatea sa specifici ce suma platesti pentru fiecare cerere in parte. In cazul in care ai respins o cerere, trebuie sa specifici si motivul respingerii."; ?>